Re: Generic Unicode font handling

From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 05:57:33 EST

Arsa A. Vine:

> Michael Kaplan wrote:
> Admittedly I haven't tried this, but 9pt sounds _exceptionally_ small. I don't
> even use it in English. The online font settings I use (on Solaris/CDE) are
> usually 12pt. Is there some difference in display on the PC? Is there anyone
> else who can attest to 9pt for Asian language characters?
> Andrea

This brings up something I have wanted to raise for some time,
concerning irregular (apparently irrelevant to content) font
presentations in e-mail.

Mail from a few sources (from "Magda Danish (Unicode)"
<>, for example, via the Unicode List) comes in here
in such a small point size that I just delete it (it being too much
hassle to adjust my own local Netscape mail display options to suit such
rare messages, as they suit all of the rest). Sometimes mail comes in in
coloured text, which I also tend to delete without reading.

I take it that these irregularities in fontsize and fontcolour are due
to user setting at the sender (for example, Magda of Microsoft's) end.
Is there any Unicode-recommended set of sender settings for the control
of size and colour of font in sending e-mail?

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