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Date: Mon Jul 09 2007 - 10:22:27 CDT

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    The problem of using any x or cross is that the vowels will not attach to

    Brian Wilson

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    Is it really a Latin "x" (i.e. with serifs, and possible capitalization?) I
    think it looks more like a symbol, like the multiplication sign "×",
    possibly larger, andwith the two strokes forming the diagonals of a perfect
    square, similar in spirit to the dotted circle symbol used in Unicode

    Currently, Unicode does not formally have a common code for denoting a base
    letter placeholder. If it existed, then it would just have to look like a
    dotted circle for Common diacritics, and possibly here as a cross with Lao
    vowels. But anyway, such cross symbols could be used as well as the
    placeholder in Latin notations, and Lao could use the dotted circle as well.

    So why not using one of the existing cross symbols instead of an "x" which
    may not look correct with Lao vowels, due to its possible serifs, possible
    variable angle of the two strokes (not perfect square), possible variable
    weight, possible rounded strokes (and additional internal loops in
    handwritten styles), and possible junctions in cursive forms?

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    > Dear Anousak,
    > In typing dictionaries and other pedagogical material in Lao it is
    > frequently necessary to write the vowels by themselves. Lao convention
    > uses
    > an 'x' for the blank consonant. So we have sala 'i' sala 'ii' sala 'u'
    > sala
    > 'uu' with an 'x' holding the consonant place. Could you add this
    > possibility for Lao unicode as it is the convention. Currently this is
    > not
    > possible as 'x' is a latin letter and the Lao vowels do not recognize it.
    > We could either train the vowels to recognize Latin 'x' or add a Lao 'x'
    > to
    > unicode as a Lao consonant.
    > Thank you,
    > Brian Wilson
    > PS I have been sidetracked, but am still working on the Lao
    > alphabetization
    > rules for sorting in Open office.

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