Re: Where is the First> Last> convention documented?

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Date: Wed Sep 05 2007 - 15:22:54 CDT

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    > In UCD.html, in the section UCD File Format:
    > <quote>
    > For backwards compatibility, in the file UnicodeData.txt a range is
    > specified not by the form "X..Y", but by their start and end
    > characters.

    Thanks, I do not now how I missed it.

    I've also found that the rules to generate the names are not in one place.

    You can find some in 3.12 for instance :

    Hangul Syllable Name Generation
    The character names for Hangul syllables are derived from the decomposition by starting
    with the string hangul syllable, and appending the short name of each decomposition
    component in order. (See Chapter 17, Code Charts, and Jamo.txt in the Unicode Character
    Database.) For example, for U+D4DB, derive the decomposition, as shown in the preced-
    ing example. It produces the following three-character sequence:
             U+1111 hangul choseong phieuph (p)
             U+1171 hangul jungseong wi (wi)
             U+11B6 hangul jongseong rieul-hieuh (lh)
    The character name for U+D4DB is then generated as hangul syllable pwilh, using the
    short name as shown in parentheses above. This character name is a normative property of
    the character.

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