Re: Western musical symbols font

From: Ben Laenen (
Date: Mon Sep 17 2007 - 09:38:00 CDT

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    On Monday 17 September 2007, Alan Wood wrote:
    > While we have Ben Laenen and Hans Åberg available, could I ask a
    > question about MUSICAL SYMBOL DEGREE SLASH (119209 or 1D1A9)?
    > In the official chart, this is not shown as a combining character:
    > However, in my test page:
    > I can only make this character appear in combination with another
    > character.
    > Please can you tell us if this is supposed to be a combining
    > character?

    Thanks for noting, it's actually a little bug in my font.

    As is noted on, the degree
    slash notes a half-diminished interval, and is applied on chord names
    and numbers.

    I couldn't find an image of a music score that uses the symbol, but to
    my understanding, it should be used like "dim" is used in this picture
    ("dim" just means a diminished interval):

    So it's not a combining character and should not be attached to a note,
    but I made it a combining character in my font, so I have to fix that.


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