Pulling UTF8 data using ASP

From: Negi, Yogesh (GEP,Contractor) (Yogesh.Negi@gepex.ge.com)
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 08:21:36 EDT

Hello .

I have a Java application that inserts Japanese, Korean and English in
Oracle (8.0.6) database in UTF-8 format. For reporting purposes we have a
Global Application(One database, one format, one reporting application ). We
are using active server page for report generation. I need to show data in
native languages on ASP pages. Data basically would be comments from
customers from all over the globe, therefore, in different languages. These
comments need to be displayed in their native languages.

My database has been set to UTF-8 with NLS_LANGUAGE as AMERICA_AMERICA.UTF8.
There is no problem in storing data in the database. (I had written a small
Java program to view data and it displays correctly. ) But when I pull data
using ASP , what I see on screen is junk. In a page character set has been
set to UTF-8. Initially I was using Microsoft provided ODBC driver to
connect to database, but realized latter that it does not support UTF-8
data. So I changed ODBC driver to 'ODBC Unicode Driver', provided by
Oracle. Had got installed Oracle Client v 8.1.7 on the web server for this .
Still there is no change in net results. I still see junk characters on
Guess it too does not support UTF-8.

I had observed that if data is stored in hexadecimal format it is displayed
correctly on the screen.
So I thought :
        1. I can make changes in Java application, inserting records in
Hexadecimal format and
        2. Convert existing data in hexadecimal format this would be one
time job.

I donot know how could it be done. Right now have around 2500 records that
need to be converted .
Other alternative, may be the better one would be to find a driver that
supports UTF8.

Please advice.
Yogesh Negi

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