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Doc. # Subject Source Date Project
L2/02-001 Complete document register for 2001 Arnold Winkler 2001-12-28 admin
L2/02-002 Variation Selector Semantics Mark Davis 2002-01-06 396-D
L2/02-003 Urdu Computing Standards: UZT (1) Hussain & Afzal 2002-01-10 396-D
L2/02-004 Urdu Computing Standards: UZT (2) Hussain & Afzal 2002-01-10 396-D
L2/02-005 Urdu Computing Standards (Charts) Hussain & Afzal 2002-01-10 396-D
L2/02-006 Towards Unicode Standard for Urdu Khaver Zia 2002-01-10 396-D
L2/02-007 NWI Proposal: C Language Datatypes German NB 2002-01-10 SC22
L2/02-008 String Ordering Weighting Roadmap Kent Karlsson 2002-01-11 WG20
L2/02-009 2nd Iranian Meeting Report (TITUS Project) Carl-Martin Bunz 2002-01-11 396-D
L2/02-010 UCA Hangul Problem Mark Davis 2002-01-11 396-D
L2/02-011 Comments on L2-006 (Urdu Computing) Jonathan Kew 2002-01-13 396-D
L2/02-012 ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000/Amd.1:2002 (E) WG2 2002-01-14 396-D
L2/02-013 EXPLANATORY REPORT ISO/IEC 10646-1: 2000/FDAM 1 WG2 2002-01-14 396-D
L2/02-014 Text for FDAM ballot (multiple files) WG2 2002-01-14 396-D
L2/02-015 L2 Letter Ballot for ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 Cathy Wissink 2002-01-14 396-D
L2/02-016 Character Properties for repetition marks Ken Whistler 2002-01-14 396-D
L2/02-017 Character Properties for avagrahas, etc. Ken Whistler 2002-01-14 396-D
L2/02-018 CJK Number Value Data Table Mark Davis 2002-01-14 396-D
L2/02-019 Registration of a Georgian Character Set G. Shervashidze 2002-01-15 396-D
L2/02-020 Stringprep Profile for Internationalized Host Names

[abridged] (Tables are separately posted HERE)

Paul Hoffman 2002-01-16 396-D
L2/02-021 Proposal to amend Arabic repertoire Kamal Mansour 2002-01-17 396-D
L2/02-022 CEN ENV 12005 Cultural registry report Keld Simonsen 2002-01-17 CEN TC304
L2/02-023 Draft response to comments on registration of European locales CEN TC304 2002-01-17 CEN TC304
L2/02-024 Summary of Voting on SC 22 N 3328, Letter Ballot on Withdrawal of Project JTC 1.22.15435 - APIs for Internationalization SC22 2002-01-17 1241-L
L2/02-025 Summary of Voting on SC 22 N3327, Letter Ballot on Future of SC 22/WG 20 SC22 2002-01-18 I18N
L2/02-026 Summary of Voting on SC 22 N 3326, Letter Ballot on Request to Include Annex A of ISO/IEC TR 10176 on the ITTF Website SC22 2002-01-18 473-L
L2/02-027 Summary of Voting on SC 22 N 3330, Letter Ballot on Revision of ISO/IEC TR 10176 SC22 2002-01-18 473-L
L2/02-028 UCD filename too long: DerivedNormalizationProperties.txt Markus Scherer 2002-01-21 396-D
L2/02-029 TLG: Measures Proposal TLG (D. Anderson) 2002-01-21 396-D
L2/02-030 TLG: Metrical Proposal TLG (D. Anderson) 2002-01-21 396-D
L2/02-031 TLG: Miscellanea Proposal TLG (D. Anderson) 2002-01-21 396-D
L2/02-032 TLG: Musical Proposal TLG (D. Anderson) 2002-01-21 396-D
L2/02-033 TLG: Background & detail information (208k, 26pp) TLG (D. Anderson) 2002-01-21 396-D
L2/02-034 Agenda for L2 meeting #187 (Feb 11-14, 2002)   Cathy Wissink 2002-01-22 admin
L2/02-035 Definition of Canonical Composite  Mark Davis 2002-01-23 396-D
L2/02-036 Cover letter for ECMA 335-1 (L2/02/037) Arnold Winkler  2002-01-23 ECMA
L2/02-037 Common Language Infrastructure, ECMA 335-1 (2.5MB, 462pp) Arnold Winkler  2002-01-23 ECMA
L2/02-038 Cover letter for ECMA 335-2 (L2/02/039) Arnold Winkler  2002-01-23 ECMA
L2/02-039 Common Language Infrastructure, ECMA 335-2 (240k) Arnold Winkler  2002-01-23 ECMA
L2/02-040 Cover letter for ECMA 334 (L2/02/041) Arnold Winkler  2002-01-23 ECMA
L2/02-041 C# Language Specification, ECMA 334 (2MB, 490pp) Arnold Winkler  2002-01-23 ECMA
L2/02-042 JEFF Specification (334k, 74pp) Arnold Winkler  2002-01-23 ECMA
L2/02-043  Default Grapheme Cluster Boundaries Mark Davis 2002-01-24 396-D
L2/02-044  Mapping of Compatibility Ideographs Whistler & Dú³´¼¯span> 2002-01-25 396-D
L2/02-045  Rules for Default Grapheme Clustering Kent Karlsson 2002-01-28 396-D
L2/02-046  Case Folding and Special Casing Tweaks  Mark Davis 2002-01-28 396-D
L2/02-047  Default Word Boundary Definition (R3) Mark Davis 2002-01-29 396-D
L2/02-048  WG2 Meeting #42 Preliminary Agenda Michel Suignard 2002-01-30 396-D
L2/02-049  Common Language Infrastructure, ECMA TR/84. This is the cover sheet. The implementation is a 15MB Zip file containing a hierarchy of files. It may be obtained at JTC1 Web Site. Login "jtc1" and pw "newsite"; doc number J1N6695 in 3 parts. Arnold Winkler 2002-01-30 ECMA
L2/02-050  30 Day Review of ECMA Fast Track Ballot TR/84  Arnold Winkler  2002-01-30 ECMA


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