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Doc. # Subject Source Date Project
L2/02-201 Error Correction IRG 2002-05-10 396-D
L2/02-202 UTC #90 Action Items (posted late) Lisa Moore 2002-05-10 396-D
L2/02-203 Proposal to Encode Kharoshthi in Plane 1 of 10646 (Revised) Andrew Glass, et al 2002-05-10 396-D
L2/02-204 Additional Double Diacritics L2 2002-05-13 396-D
L2/02-205 Coptic supplementation in the BMP Everson & Mansour 2002-05-13 396-D
L2/02-206 3rd Call WG2 Meeting # 42, in Dublin, Mike Ksar 2002-05-13 396-D
L2/02-207 Request for changes in Aegean Scripts Anderson & McGowan 2002-05-13 396-D
L2/02-208 SC2/WG2 partial document register (N2190 – N2448) Mike Ksar 2002-05-13 396-D
L2/02-209 WG2 Mailing List – pre-meeting 42 – Dublin – May 2002 Mike Ksar 2002-05-13 396-D
L2/02-210 Removal of two Variant Sequences L2 2002-05-13 396-D
L2/02-211 Cambodian stance regarding Khmer code table in Unicode 3.2 Cambodia 2002-05-14 396-D
L2/02-212 Discussion of Liaison Report from ISO/TC46/SC4/WG1 Joan Aliprand 2002-05-14 396-D
L2/02-213 Summary of mappings of ISO/TC46 character set standards Joan Aliprand 2002-05-14 396-D
L2/02-214 Proposal for dealing with unmapped characters from ISO TC46/SC4 character sets Randall K. Barry 2002-05-20 396-D
L2/02-215 Status in Nepal on n2055 T. K. Sato 2002-05-20 396-D
L2/02-216 Proposal: Additional guideline in the WG2 Principles and Procedures (N2467) T. K. Sato / Japan 2002-05-20 396-D
L2/02-217 Concerns on the VARIATION SELECTORS in ISO/IEC 10646-2, PDAM-1 (N2468) Japan 2002-05-20 396-D
L2/02-218 Proposal to Add Two Deseret Alphabet Letters (N2473) UTC 2002-05-20 396-D
L2/02-219 Proposal to Add IDEOGRAPHIC TABOO VARIATION INDICATOR (N2475) UTC 2002-05-20 396-D
L2/02-220 W3C Liaison Report Martin Duerst 2002-05-20 396-D
L2/02-221 Proposal to add Ideographic Description Characters (IDC) Richard S. Cook 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-222 Administrative Aspects of ISO/IEC15897 Aliprand, et al 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-223 SC2/WG2 Partial document register Mike Ksar 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-224 Updated Agenda Meeting # 42, in Dublin, Ireland Mike Ksar 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-225 Proposed Important Synchronization of ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode for UTF-32 Zhoucai, Seng 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-226 Letter Ballot: reconfirmation of ISO 3275:1974 Cathy Wissink 2002-06-10 396-D
L2/02-227 Proposal to add 16 Arabic characters US 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-228 Questionable Terms: Canonical Form and UTF-16 Zhang Zhoucai 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-229 Disposition of comments on SC2 N 3584 Michel Suignard 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-230 Proposed Disposition of comments on SC2 N 3585 Michel Suignard 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-231 Character Code Charts for FPDAM 2 to ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 Asmus Freytag 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-232 Proposal to add 122 compatibility Hanja code table of DPRK Sato, et al 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-233 Report and Recommendations of the CLAUI TD SC35 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-234 IRG Rapporteur’s Report to WG2 # 42 in Dublin Zhang Zhoucai 2002-05-27 396-D
L2/02-235 Clarification of relations between UCS-4 and different transformation formats China, Singapore, US 2002-05-27 396-D
L2/02-236 New canonical decomposition & composition processes for Hangeul Kyongsok Kim 2002-05-30 396-D
L2/02-237 Greek: Haralambous Proposals Nick Nicholas 2002-06-12 396-D
L2/02-238 WG20 resolutions, Tübingen meeting WG20 2002-06-19  
L2/02-239 ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 resolutions Tromsø meeting 2002-06-10/12 WG20 2002-06-19  
L2/02-240 Minutes - Tromsø ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC22/WG20 Meeting #22 - Internationalization WG20 2002-06-19  
L2/02-241 Summary of Voting on 90-Day Letter Ballot: ISO/IEC DTR 14652 - Functionality for Internationalization Specification Method for Cultural Conventions JTC1 Secretariat 2002-06-19 1244-L
L2/02-242 Problems with the current CTT of ISO/IEC 14651 re Hangeul Kyongsok Kim 2002-06-19 1307-L
L2/02-243 Summary of paper by K. Kim (L2/02-244) Kyongsok Kim 2002-06-19 1307-L
L2/02-244 New canonical decomposition & composition processes for Hangeul (better scan / modification of L2/02-236) Kyongsok Kim 2002-06-19 1307-L
L2/02-245 Summary of Voting on SC 2 N 3592: FCD 2375 SC2 Secretariat 2002-06-20  396-D
L2/02-246 JTC 1/SC 22 Secretariat Report Matthew Deane 2002-07-02  396-D
L2/02-247 JTC 1/SC 22 Programme of Work Matthew Deane 2002-07-02  396-D
L2/02-248 Contribution of WG20 to the 2002 CLAUI coord. meeting WG20 2002-06-19  
L2/02-249 Proposal for the Taxonomy of CEN/TC304 - ICT- European Localization Requirements Keld Simonsen 2002-06-19  
L2/02-250 Cultural Diversity Market Study, draft final report Makx Dekker 2002-06-19  


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