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Doc. # Subject Source Date Project
L2/02-051  Coptic Disunification  Rick McGowan 2002-02-03 396-D
L2/02-052  Proposal to add Ideographic Taboo Variation Indicator John Jenkins 2002-02-04 396-D
L2/02-053  Description of TLG Documents Deborah Anderson 2002-02-04 396-D
L2/02-054  Error in Canonical Mapping for U+F951 Ken Whistler 2002-02-04 396-D
L2/02-055  Revised proposal to encode the Limbu script Michael Everson 2002-02-06 396-D
L2/02-056  Proposal to add two Greek letters for Bactrian Michael Everson 2002-02-06 396-D
L2/02-057  L2/SD-2 - Action items from UTC #89 and L2 #186 Cathy Wissink 2002-02-06 396-D
L2/02-058 JTC1 Stabilized Standards Process Arnold Winkler 2002-02-06 396-D
L2/02-059 JTC1 Stabilized Standards Process - Cover Letter Arnold Winkler 2002-02-06 396-D
L2/02-060  (JTC1) Appendix A - List of Market Trial Standards Arnold Winkler 2002-02-06 396-D
L2/02-061 Bidi committee consensus on Arabic additions from L2/01-425 Jonathan Kew 2002-02-06 396-D
L2/02-062 Resolutions of the December 2001 Plenary of TC304 Arnold Winkler 2002-02-07 396-D
L2/02-063 Minutes of the 19th plenary of CEN/TC304 Arnold Winkler 2002-02-07 396-D
L2/02-064 TC304 Recommendation from the Project Team on the Population of the Cultural Register (N1002) Arnold Winkler 2002-02-07 396-D
L2/02-065 Draft US comments on L2/01-279 and TC304 N1002 Joan Aliprand 2002-02-07 396-D
L2/02-066 Transmittal of "Systematic Review of International Standards" to INCITS/L2 (includes 4 attachments)
List of International Standards
List of Recommendations
Question Form
Systematic Review
Deborah Donovan 2002-02-08 Admin
L2/02-067 In Regard to Moon (punctiform script) Jack Maartman 2002-02-08 396-D
L2/02-068 Agenda for UTC #90 & L2 #187 Lisa Moore 2002-02-10 Admin
L2/02-069 Motions for UTC #90 Lisa Moore 2002-02-10 Admin
L2/02-070 Minutes for UTC #90 Lisa Moore 2002-02-10 Admin
L2/02-071 Default Sentence Boundary Definition Mark Davis 2002-02-09 396-D
L2/02-072 Eject Symbol Deborah Goldsmith 2002-02-10 396-D
L2/02-073 Cambodian Thoughts Mark Davis 2002-02-10 396-D
L2/02-074 Unicode 3.2 (UTR #28) Ed Committee 2002-02-10 396-D
L2/02-075 Unicode Tech Notes - intro page  Mark Davis 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-076 Unicode Tech Notes - template page  Mark Davis 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-077 Unicode Technical Report #25 Update Asmus Freytag 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-078 East Asian Width discussion? Asmus Freytag 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-079 Proposed Draft Tech Report - UCD in XML Eric Mueller 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-080 Invisible Property (proposal) Deborah Goldsmith 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-081 Invisible Property (comments) Ken Whistler 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-082 UTR #18 Regular Expression Guidelines  Mark Davis 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-083 Response and Proposal for Khmer Encoding  Paul Nelson  2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-084 Unicode Patent Policy  Mark Davis 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-085 Characters and symbols used in user interfaces   Asmus Freytag 2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-086 Proposed addition to amendment 2 to ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 WG2 2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-087 Explicit Line Break Property Proposal  Kent Karlsson 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-088 CESU-8 Tech Report #26  Toby Phipps 2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-089 Proposal to add monogram, digram, and tetragram characters  Richard Cook 2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-090 US Comments on the development of ISO/IEC 15897 (Part 1)  Joan Aliprand  2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-091 US Comments on the development of ISO/IEC 15897 (Part 2)  Joan Aliprand  2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-092 Disposition of comments on SC2 N 3505, CD 2375.2  Michael Everson  2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-093 FCD for the revision of ISO/IEC 2375  Michael Everson 2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-094 Final Committee Draft ISO/IEC FCD 2375  Michael Everson  2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-095 Report on changes to DTR 14652  Keld Simonsen 2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-096 Proposal to encode Khmer subscript characters  CHEA Sok Huor, et al 2002-02-13 396-D
L2/02-097 Proposal to deprecate Khmer characters  CHEA Sok Huor, et al 2002-02-13 396-D
L2/02-098 Proposal to add Srak Om and Srak Aam CHEA Sok Huor, et al 2002-02-13 396-D
L2/02-099 Proposal to add Krung voicing marks CHEA Sok Huor, et al 2002-02-13 396-D
L2/02-100 Proposal to add missing Khmer characters CHEA Sok Huor, et al 2002-02-13 396-D


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