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The Unicode Standard, Version 6.0 Acknowledgements

The authorship and production of The Unicode Standard, Version 6.0, is due to the dedication of many people over several years. We are greatly indebted to many individuals. These acknowledgements also include work done on Versions 5.1 and 5.2.

The following companies gave generously by supplying software and licenses, and facilities and equipment:

  • Adobe Systems, Inc., generously supplied the licenses for the Minion fonts, AdobeĀ® FramemakerĀ® 9.0, and AdobeĀ® Creative Suite 4 Premium, which were used to create the text and graphics of the core specification.
  • Particular thanks for facilities, equipment, and resources are owed to Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corporation. Apple provided much needed hardware both for our Senior Editor and in support of the Unicode Han Database. We especially wish to thank Microsoft for its generous support in providing office space, as well as licenses for Visual Studio 2010 and Windows 7.
  • PdfLib GmbH generously provided PDFlib+PDI 6.0.3 for Microsoft Windows and PDFlib TET (Text Extraction Toolkit) 2.1.0 for Microsoft Windows, and Asmus, Inc. provided custom-built software based on these libraries and used for the post-production processing of PDFs for the code charts.
  • Finally, ongoing work on CJK encoding was supported by the generous provision of licenses of Wenlin 4.0 by Thomas Bishop.

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