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Topical Document List: Seal Script

A few documents have been password protected at the request of their originators, and are limited to UTC member-only access. To find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register, use Find by Number.

This page provides a chronologically ordered list of Seal script-related documents. Included are all UTC documents (with links), all WG2 documents (with links when available), plus other pertinent documents related to the development of the Seal script encoding.

L2 Doc № WG2 Doc № Other Doc № Title Source Date
L2/03-450   IRG N999 China's Old Hanzi Encoding Proposal [关于中国古汉字进入国际标准字符集的提案] China 2003-11-16
L2/03-452 N2684 IRG N1014 Draft Agreement on Old Hanzi Encoding Li Guoying, Tom BISHOP 2003-11-19
L2/04-204 N2782R IRG N1055 Resolution from the Old Hanzi Interest Group Old Hanzi Interest Group 2004-05-26
    EHC 《說文解字 ‧ 電子版》 [Shuō Wén Jiě Zì — Diànzǐ Bǎn], Digital Recension of the Eastern Hàn Chinese Grammaticon Richard Cook 2009-12
L2/14-242 N4634   Proposal to encode Small Seal Script in UCS [small sample] TCA and China 2014-09-30
L2/15-281 N4688   Proposal to encode Small Seal Script in UCS [full proposal - 89MB] TCA and China 2015-10-20
L2/16-092 N4716   Proposal to Apply source-Based Variation Selector in Shuowen Small Seal Encoding SUZUKI Toshiya 2016-04-28
  N4755   TCA Feedback on N4716 TCA 2016-09-22
  N4761   Feedback on WG2 N4755 suzuki tohiya 2016-09-26
L2/17-250 N4834   Shuowen Seal Encoding Design Issues suzuki toshiya, Richard Cook 2017-06-18
  N4835 SC2 N4535 Logistic Information and Draft Agenda for ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2 Small Seal Script Ad Hoc Meeting [in Taipei] TCA (BSMI/CMEX) 2017-07-05
L2/17-317 N4852   Shuowen Seal Encoding Design Issues++ Richard Cook 2017-08-24
  N4844   Comments on encoding Shuowen Small Seal Selena Wei, Eiso Chan 2017-08-25
  N4843   Response to WG2n4834 TCA and China 2017-08-26
L2/17-318 N4853   Shuowen Seal Ad Hoc Meeting Resolutions Cook (曲理查), Suzuki (鈴⽊俊哉), Wang (王曉明), Wei (魏林梅), et al. 2017-09-01
  N4855   Comments on Encoding of Small Seal Script Characters The Chinese Character Database Program (China) 2017-09-08
L2/17-371 N4909   Seal Script Naming Considerations Richard Cook, Rick McGowan, Ken Whistler 2017-10-05
  N4973   Comments on encoding Shuowen Small Seal TCA and China 2018-06-12
  N4992   Comments on WG2 N4973 suzuki toshiya 2018-06-17
  N4996   Response to WG2 N4992 Selena Wei 2018-06-20
  N5034   Report of Discussion on Small Seal Script during WG2 #67 suzuki toshiya 2018-12-17
  N5089   Shuowen Seal Informal Meeting Report Wang Ning (王寧), Wang Liun (王立軍), Hsueh-Jen, HSU (許學仁), Selena Wei (魏林梅), Toshiya SUZUKI (鈴木俊哉), Chen Zhuang (陳壯), Wang Xiaoming (王曉明), Hu Jiajia (胡佳佳) 2019-06-01
  Proposal to encode Small Seal Script in UCS TCA and China 2019-06-20
L2/19-245 N5108   report of Seal Script discussion in WG2 #68 suzuki toshiya 2019-06-19
L2/19-246 N5109   Logistical Information, Small seal script ad hoc meeting, 30th September th[r]ough 1st October 2019 Taipei, Taiwan TCA (BSMI/CMEX) 2019-06
  N5118   About the future extension of Shuowen Seal Selena Wei, Yenling Tseng 2019-09-27
  N5119   2019 Shuowen Seal Ad Hoc Meeting Report Shuowen Seal Ad Hoc 2019-10-01
  N5123   Comments on several criteria to distinguish Shuowen Seal Glyphs (Feedback to WG2 N5118) suzuki toshiya 2019-12-01
  N5133   The pairs in N5105 glyphs versus CCZ glyphs to be discussed suzuki toshiya 2020-04-01
  N5133d   Data for N5133 (zip file) suzuki toshiya 2020-04-01