Unicode Cyrillic GHE DE PE TE in Serbian

From: Janko Stamenovic (janko@teletrader.com)
Date: Thu Dec 30 1999 - 07:46:06 EST

In Serbian hadwritten text and in printed italics Cyrillic letters GHE, DE,
PE and TE are written differently than in Russian.

In Russian, for example, italic PE and TE look like latin n and m. That's
not the case in Serbian Cyrillic.

Because of that, italic text printed with "unicode fonts" look unreadable to
Serbian people.

Serbian can be written both with Latin and with Cyrillic alphabet, so
presence of Russian letters which look like latin n and latin m make
possible confusion.

I produced the picture with samples but I don't know how I can present it to
others in this group since I've read that list group should accept only
plain text messages.

What I would like to ask is: can anybody of experienced people who read this
suggest how the described problem can be solved:

- Should be four additional characters for Cyrillic Serbian letters which
are different in italics from Russian letters introduced to Unicode?

- Is there some other way which would allow standardization? As far as I can
see current situation, it would be quite unrealistic to have "Serbian" and
"Russian" version of unicode fonts. Then Russian would not be able to write
Serbian and vice versa with one Unicode font?

All responses are more than welcome.

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