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UnicodeĀ® Technical Committee Document Registry

Latest Register

This is the home of the Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) document registry. Links to all of the document registers, organized year-by-year, are provided in the following table.

For completeness, the list includes X3L2 (later L2) document registers from prior to the time when the UTC and L2 document registers were jointly maintained.

Topical Document Lists

The Topical Documents page contains an index of links to certain sets of documents organized by topic, rather than by year.

Document Search

UTC Document Search provides a way to find documents by number. This search can also be used to find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register. This search works for documents with "L2" designations starting from 1997, but not for earlier years, nor for documents with "UTC" designations.

Document Submission

For instructions on document submission, see How to Submit Proposal Documents and Submitting Character Proposals. The Proposal Summary Form is required for some types of submissions.

Roadmaps and Pipeline

The UTC maintains the Roadmaps to Unicode together with WG2. The Roadmaps contain current allocations of standardized characters and proposed allocations for future characters, to help guide both the authors of character proposals and the review of those proposals by the UTC and WG2.

The Pipeline page summarizes, in detail, all currently approved characters and scripts that are in various stages of ISO review and/or balloting, and which have not yet been published in any version of the Unicode Standard. This page is also actively used to guide proposal review.

History of the Document Registry

The UTC document registry has been continuously maintained since the founding of the UTC in January, 1991. The separate X3L2 document register goes back as far as 1985. The document registers listed here are as complete as possible, given current information. They are occasionally updated as further historical research reveals the need for corrections or illuminates former gaps in the record. Note that particularly for early periods, the document registers may depart significantly from their original form. The format of document registers has changed over the years, but has been regularized here, for ease of reference.

Prior to 1997, all committee documents were distributed in hard copy only. During 1997 and 1998, some documents were also posted contemporaneously in electronic copies. From 1999 onward nearly all documents were made available electronically, and the document links are live and stable in these document registers.

Links to documents prior to 1999 are occasionally activated as scanned copies of surviving paper documents become available, or as surviving electronic copies of drafts of documents turn up.

In 2000 the registers for INCITS/L2 and for the UTC were combined into jointly maintained registers, with a uniform numbering scheme, and are complete through 2011. Starting from 2012, INCITCS/L2 documents have been maintained separately in the ICMS system at http://www.incits.org/ and use a separate numbering system. The UTC registers for starting from 2012 still use "L2" prefixes, for historical continuity and for consistency with the existing document search tooling.

For further details regarding the early history of the document registry and UTC meetings, see also Earlier UTC Meetings.

Historical Directory

The Historical Documents Directory contains a miscellany of early documents, most from before 1996. Many of these documents are in rough form. Some may not display well in modern browsers or may have character set issues.

Archived Standards Registers

The Unicode website hosts some archived registers of older standards activities for historical reference. These registers were cleaned up in 2016 for better display, and have had nonfunctional links removed, but are no longer actively maintained.

The List of Character Set Registrations shows activity from the period 1998 to 2000, when INCITS/L2 was involved in character set registrations according to ISO 2375, and applications for character set registrations were hosted in the UTC document registry. The actual International Register of Coded Character Sets to be Used with Escape Sequences can currently be found here.

The SC2 Standards page lists all SC2 document numbers associated with the ISO/IEC 10646, 14651, and 8859 series standards that INCITS/L2 was concerned with. These documents include various ballot documents and votes taken on them. The list was maintained during the period 2004 through 2011. All of the old live links to documents on that page have been disabled, because of the restructuring of access to documents on the current SC2 website and because of ISO constraints on public access to committee documents related to current or historic balloting.