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UTC Document Register for 2013

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A few documents have been password protected at the request of their originators, and are limited to UTC member-only access. To find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register, use Find by Number.

Doc № Subject Source Date
L2/13-001 Complete UTC Document Register 2012 Rick McGowan 2013-01-04
L2/13-002 Preliminary proposal for encoding the Nandinagari script (WG2 N4389) Anshuman Pandey 2013-01-13
L2/13-003 UAX #44 documentation issue Mark Davis 2013-01-04
L2/13-004 Proposal to change General Category of MONGOLIAN VOWEL SEPARATOR from Zs to Cf Behdad Esfahbod 2013-01-04
L2/13-005 Feasibility of Accelerated Releases for a Small Repertoire Ken Whistler 2013-01-16
L2/13-006 Noncharacter Clarification Markus Scherer, Mark Davis 2013-01-16
L2/13-007 Upcoming discussion in Unicode about Tamil fractions P.R. Nakkeeran 2013-01-22
L2/13-008 Proposal to Encode An Outstanding Early Cyrillic Character in Unicode Yuri Shardt, et al 2013-01-22
L2/13-009 Proposal to Encode Chinese Characters Used for Transliterating Slavonic Yuri Shardt, et al 2013-01-22
L2/13-010 UTC #134 Agenda Lisa Moore 2013-01-26
L2/13-011 UTC #134 Minutes Lisa Moore 2013-02-04
L2/13-012 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2012-10-31) Rick McGowan 2013-01-24
L2/13-013 Comments on Public Review Issues (October 31, 2012 - January 24, 2013) Rick McGowan 2013-01-22
L2/13-014 Resolutions of WG 2 meeting 60 (WG2 N4354) WG2 2013-01-22
L2/13-015 On noncharacters: a response to L2/13-006 Tom Bishop, Richard Cook 2013-01-24
L2/13-016 CJK Ext-A fix Michel Suignard 2013-01-24
L2/13-017 Unihan data file change Michel Suignard 2013-01-24
L2/13-018 Add tone marks in Unihan kMandarin field for 114 Han characters CLDR-TC / Apple 2013-01-25
L2/13-019 Liaison Report from UC Berkeley (Script Encoding Initiative) Deborah Anderson 2013-01-25
L2/13-020 US/Unicode Extension F Version 1.0 (IRG N1921) checking results Jaemin Chung 2013-01-25
L2/13-021 Proposed Update UAX #9 Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (live HTML version) Mark Davis 2013-01-25
L2/13-022 Proposed Update UAX #14 Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm (live HTML version) Andy Heninger 2013-01-25
L2/13-023 Proposed Update UAX #15 Unicode Normalization Forms (live HTML version) Mark Davis, Ken Whistler 2013-01-25
L2/13-024 Proposed Update UAX #44 Unicode Character Database (live HTML version) Mark Davis, Ken Whistler 2013-01-25
L2/13-025 Proposed Update UAX #45 U-Source Ideographs (live HTML version) John Jenkins 2013-01-25
L2/13-026 Proposed Draft UTR #50 Unicode Properties for Vertical Text Layout (9d1 ; snapshot HTML version) Koji Ishii 2013-01-29
L2/13-027 Proposed Update UTS #10 Unicode Collation Algorithm (live HTML version) Mark Davis, Ken Whistler 2013-01-25
L2/13-028 Recommendations to UTC on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2013-01-28
L2/13-029 Nepaalalipi e-mail Dev Dass Manandhar, et al 2013-01-28
L2/13-030 Grantha, Comment about L2/13-007 Naga Ganesan 2013-01-28
L2/13-031 Changes to kEACC field in Unihan database John Jenkins 2013-01-28
L2/13-032 Proposed Urgently Needed Characters Submission from the UTC to the IRG John Jenkins 2013-01-28
L2/13-033 Additional information on Siddham Section marks (revised ; WG2 N4391) Bill Eidsun 2013-01-30
L2/13-034 Request to use character name TTTA - Comment on L2/12-016 Naga Ganesan 2013-01-29
L2/13-035 Specifying Optional Malayalam Conjuncts Cibu Johny 2013-01-29
L2/13-036 Old and New Chillus in Malayalam and implications for Sinhala Roozbeh Pournader, Cibu Johny 2013-01-29
L2/13-037 Cedillas and commas below (revised) Eric Muller 2013-01-29
L2/13-038 Clarify UTS #39 Security Mechanisms Mark Davis 2013-01-30
L2/13-039 Script and Script Extension property principles Mark Davis 2013-01-31
L2/13-040 Fasttracking Arabic Letter Mark (ALM) Roozbeh Pournader, Aharon Lanin 2013-01-30
L2/13-041 Unihan erratum - kMandarin value for U+6535 John Jenkins 2013-01-30
L2/13-042 Proposed changes to the UTR #50 character data Laurentiu Iancu, et al 2013-01-31
L2/13-043 UTR #50 Data Review Koji Ishii 2013-01-31
L2/13-044 A new test file for Bidi Roozbeh Pournader 2013-01-31
L2/13-045 Proposal to create two properties for bidirectional brackets Andrew Glass 2013-01-31
L2/13-046 Draft data file for BidiBrackets-6.3.0.txt Andrew Glass 2013-01-31
L2/13-047 Revised proposal to encode Tamil fractions and symbols Shriramana Sharma 2013-03-11
L2/13-048 Response to PRI 250 on mechanisms to specify optional conjuncts in Malayalam Shriramana Sharma 2013-03-11
L2/13-049 Declaration for declining the “Hungarian” block of the DAM Tamás Rumi, et al 2013-03-11
L2/13-050 Fixes to UAX#31, UTS#39 Mark Davis 2013-03-28
L2/13-051 Proposal to encode Malayalam minor fractions (revised) Shriramana Sharma 2013-04-26
L2/13-052 Letter from Lisa Moore to Ingars Pilmanis, Latvian Standards Lisa Moore 2013-03-29
L2/13-053 Transition Considerations Lisa Moore 2013-03-29
L2/13-054 Proposal to encode Duodecimal Digit Forms Karl Pentzlin 2013-04-01
L2/13-055 Proposal to encode symbols for penalty cards Karl Pentzlin 2013-04-01
L2/13-056 Proposal to Encode the Sign JAIN OM for Devanagari (WG2 N4408) Anshuman Pandey 2013-04-26
L2/13-057 UTC #135 Agenda Lisa Moore 2013-04-30
L2/13-058 UTC #135 Minutes Lisa Moore 2013-06-12
L2/13-059 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2013-01-24) Rick McGowan 2013-04-30
L2/13-060 Comments on Public Review Issues (January 24 - May 1, 2013) Rick McGowan 2013-05-01
L2/13-061 Proposal to encode 1137D Grantha Sign Combining Anusvara Above Shriramana Sharma 2013-04-09
L2/13-062 Proposal to encode 11350 Grantha Om Shriramana Sharma 2013-04-09
L2/13-063 Proposal to encode MALAYALAM LETTER CHILLU LLL (revised) Cibu Johny 2013-05-17
L2/13-064 Feedback on the Proposed Update for UAX#9 Asmus Freytag 2013-04-23
L2/13-065 The Sanskrit language must not be cloned inside the digital world L D Logasundaram 2013-04-23
L2/13-066 Proposal to encode Gujarati Sign Triple Nukta Vinodh Rajan 2013-04-23
L2/13-067 Preliminary Code Chart for the Pau Cin Hau Syllabary Anshuman Pandey 2013-04-27
L2/13-068 Proposal to Encode the Mongolian Square Script Anshuman Pandey 2013-04-26
L2/13-069 Revised Proposal to Encode the Soyombo Script Anshuman Pandey 2013-04-30
L2/13-070 Tweaks to UTS#39 data and text Mark Davis 2013-05-10
L2/13-071 Proposal to Encode the Uyghur Script Omarjan Osman 2013-04-23
L2/13-072 Letter from Rajendra Kumar to Mark Davis re Meetei Mayek encoding Manoj Jain / GOI 2013-04-25
L2/13-073 Proceedings of the meeting of Language/Meetei Mayek Expert Committee held on 17/11/2012 Gov't of India 2013-04-26
L2/13-074 Request to reallocate some recently-approved Sharada characters Anshuman Pandey 2013-04-26
L2/13-075 Comments on the proposed Soyombo encoding Shriramana Sharma 2013-04-26
L2/13-076 Questions re the Malayalam fractions proposal Shriramana Sharma 2013-04-26
L2/13-077 Comment on L2/13-047: Revised Proposal to encode Tamil fractions and Symbols Naga Ganesan 2013-04-26
L2/13-078 Meetei Mayek in Unicode Standard (email) H. Mathang Singh 2013-04-26
L2/13-079 A proposal for encoding twelve localizable sentence markup bubble characters William Overington 2013-04-29
L2/13-080 Proposal to Encode the Bakhshali Minus Sign for Sharada Anshuman Pandey 2013-04-29
L2/13-081 Comment on L2/13-062: Grantha OM in U+11350 code point Naga Ganesan 2013-04-29
L2/13-082 Response to PRI 250 of Unicode Anivar Aravind, et al 2013-04-29
L2/13-083 Feedback on the Proposed Update for UAX#14 Asmus Freytag 2013-04-29
L2/13-084 Comment on L2/13-065: Grantha characters from other Indic blocks such as Devanagari, Tamil, Bengali are NOT the solution Naga Ganesan 2013-04-29
L2/13-085 Vocalic R etc in Mongolian Square Shriramana Sharma 2013-04-29
L2/13-086 Recommendations to UTC on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2013-04-29
L2/13-087 Background Document for PRI #250: Proposal to Specify Optional Conjuncts in Malayalam Cibu Johny 2013-05-01
L2/13-088 Proposed Update UAX #9, Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (live HTML Version) Mark Davis, et al 2013-05-01
L2/13-089 Proposed Update UAX #14, Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm (live HTML Version) Andy Heninger 2013-05-01
L2/13-090 Proposed Update UAX #15, Unicode Normalization Forms (live HTML Version) Mark Davis, Ken Whistler 2013-05-01
L2/13-091 Proposed Update UAX #29, Unicode Text Segmentation (live HTML Version) Mark Davis 2013-05-01
L2/13-092 Proposed Update UAX #31, Unicode Identifier and Pattern Syntax (live HTML Version) Mark Davis 2013-05-01
L2/13-093 Proposed Update UAX #34, Unicode Named Character Sequences (live HTML Version) Addison Phillips 2013-05-01
L2/13-094 Proposed Update UAX #38, Unicode Han Database (live HTML Version) John Jenkins, et al 2013-05-01
L2/13-095 Proposed Update UAX #41, Common References for Unicode Standard Annexes (live HTML Version) Rick McGowan, Laurențiu Iancu 2013-05-01
L2/13-096 Proposed Update UAX #42, Unicode Character Database in XML (live HTML Version) Eric Muller 2013-05-01
L2/13-097 Proposed Update UAX #44, Unicode Character Database (live HTML Version) Mark Davis, Ken Whistler 2013-05-01
L2/13-098 Proposed Update UAX #45, U-Source Ideographs (live HTML Version) John Jenkins 2013-05-01
L2/13-099 Proposed Update UTR #50, Unicode Vertical Text Layout (live HTML Version) Koji Ishii 2013-05-01
L2/13-100 Proposed Update UTS #10, Unicode Collation Algorithm (live HTML Version) Mark Davis, et al 2013-05-01
L2/13-101 Proposed Update UTS #18, Unicode Regular Expressions (live HTML Version) Mark Davis, Andy Heninger 2013-05-01
L2/13-102 Proposed Update UTS #46, Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing (live HTML Version) Mark Davis, Michel Suignard 2013-05-01
L2/13-103 PRI #251, Proposed Change to Casing Property for Some Circled or Squared Latin Letter Symbols Mark Davis 2013-05-01
L2/13-104 Editorial changes for the Kannada code chart Shriramana Sharma 2013-05-02
L2/13-105 Proposal to incorporate two telephony symbols into Unicode by glyph and annotation changes (WG2 N4495) Karl Pentzlin 2013-05-02
L2/13-106 Resolutions of UTR #50 character data changes from UTC meeting #134 Laurențiu Iancu, Koji Ishii 2013-05-03
L2/13-107 BOM-1 Proposal Terry Carl Walker 2013-05-03
L2/13-108 Proposal for UTF-7 Standard Terry Carl Walker 2013-05-03
L2/13-109 Response to feedback on draft UCA 6.3 Markus Scherer 2013-05-03
L2/13-110 Proposal to Encode Variants for Siddham Script Taichi Kawabata, et al 2013-07-23
L2/13-111 Liaison Report from UC Berkeley (Script Encoding Initiative) Deborah Anderson 2013-05-03
L2/13-112 Options for handling Proposal for Transliterating Slavonic (L2/13-009) Deborah Anderson, John Jenkins 2013-05-05
L2/13-113 Proposed Update UAX #9, Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (draft 12) Mark Davis, et al 2013-05-06
L2/13-114 Summary of Voting on ISO/IEC 10646:2012/DAM 2 SC2 2013-05-06
L2/13-115 Suggested text for migration section in UAX #9 Roozbeh Pournader 2013-05-07
L2/13-116 Revised Proposal to add the Leke Script Erich Fickle, Martin Hosken 2013-05-07
L2/13-117 PRI 251 Additions to Uppercase Mark Davis 2013-05-07
L2/13-118 6.3 BIDI feedback review Mark Davis 2013-05-08
L2/13-119 Dot positioning of U+06A3 Arabic Letter Feh with Dot Below Roozbeh Pournader 2013-05-08
L2/13-120 Anatolian RA or RI Deborah Anderson 2013-05-08
L2/13-121 Letter from Andhra Pradesh re Telugu RRRA Suresh Kolichala 2013-05-09
L2/13-122 Unicode Localization Interoperability Technical Committee - Liaison Report Steven Loomis 2013-05-09
L2/13-123 A normalization situation and the BPA Andrew Glass 2013-05-10
L2/13-124 Letter from Gov't of India to Lisa Moore re recent documents Rajendra Kumar 2013-05-15
L2/13-125 Unicode Liaison Report to WG2 (WG2 N4447) UTC / Peter Constable 2013-06-10
L2/13-126 Unicode Consortium Liaison Report to TC 37/SC 2 Unicode / Peter Constable 2013-06-10
L2/13-127 Latvian and Livonian glyphs with commaaccent in the Unicode Standard Roberts Rozis 2013-06-11
L2/13-128 Latvian and Marshallese Ad Hoc Report (WG2 N4456) Lisa Moore 2013-06-12
L2/13-129 Proposal for the addition of Latin characters for Marshallese Michael Everson 2013-06-25
L2/13-130 Proposal to encode three Arabic characters for Arwi Roozbeh Pournader 2013-06-25
L2/13-131 UTC #136 Agenda Lisa Moore 2013-07-24
L2/13-132 UTC #136 Minutes Lisa Moore 2013-08-12
L2/13-133 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2013-04-30) Rick McGowan 2013-07-25
L2/13-134 Comments on Public Review Issues (May 1 - July 23, 2013) Rick McGowan 2013-07-23
L2/13-135 Proposal to Encode a Set of Digits for Siddham Anshuman Pandey 2013-06-15
L2/13-136 Additional Siddham Variants Anshuman Pandey 2013-06-15
L2/13-137 Proposal to Change Script and Script_Extensions properties for U+A92E Lorna Evans 2013-06-26
L2/13-138 Change to UAX #45 Deborah Anderson, John Jenkins 2013-07-03
L2/13-139 Proposal to Encode Combining Half Marks Used for Cyrillic Supralineation Aleksandr Andreev, et al 2013-07-08
L2/13-140 Proposal to Encode a Slavonic Punctuation Mark (revised) Aleksandr Andreev, et al 2013-09-23
L2/13-141 Preliminary Proposal to Encode the Book Pahlavi Script Roozbeh Pournader 2013-07-25
L2/13-142 Inconsistencies in Name Uniqueness Criteria Ken Whistler 2013-07-18
L2/13-143 Proposal to encode Gujarati Letter ZHA Vinodh Rajan 2013-07-18
L2/13-144 Resolutions of WG 2 meeting 61 (WG2 N4404) WG2 2013-07-18
L2/13-145 Math characters and variation sequences (WG2 N4434) WG2 Project Editor 2013-07-18
L2/13-146 Presentation of vertical scripts (WG2 N4435) WG2 Project Editor 2013-07-18
L2/13-147 Proposal to change data format for CJK sources (WG2 N4436) WG2 Project Editor 2013-07-18
L2/13-148 Disposition of comments on DAM2 text to ISO/IEC 10646 3rd edition (WG2 N4453) Michel Suignard 2013-07-18
L2/13-149 Disposition of comments on SC2 4268: ISO/IEC CD 10646 4th edition (WG2 N4454) Michel Suignard 2013-07-18
L2/13-150 Draft repertoire for FDAM2 of ISO/IEC 10646:2012 (3rd edition) (WG2 N4458) Michel Suignard 2013-07-18
L2/13-151 Draft additional repertoire for ISO/IEC 10646:2014 (4th edition) (WG2 N4459) Michel Suignard 2013-07-18
L2/13-152 Report of the ISO 15924 Registration Authority (WG2 N4470) Unicode Consortium 2013-07-25
L2/13-153 Proposal to Use Standardized Variation Sequences to Encode Church Slavonic Glyph Variants in Unicode Aleksandr Andreev, et al 2013-07-20
L2/13-154 WG2 Consent Docket Ken Whistler 2013-07-23
L2/13-155 Comments on cedilla and comma below (revised) Denis Jacquerye 2013-07-31
L2/13-156 Name changes for Siddham Section marks (WG2 N4457) Deborah Anderson, et al 2013-07-23
L2/13-157 A proposal to encode the Akarmatrik music notation symbols Chandan Misra 2013-07-23
L2/13-158 Brief Report from WG2 Meeting #61, Vilnius, Lithuania Deborah Anderson 2013-07-23
L2/13-159 Accumulated Feedback on PRI #232 (UAX #9 for Unicode 6.3) Rick McGowan 2013-07-23
L2/13-160 Code table and names list for encoding Nüshu (WG2 N4472R, revised) Michael Everson 2013-09-11
L2/13-161 Request to Use Tamil names in Tamil fractions and symbols Tamil Virtual Academy 2013-07-25
L2/13-162 Unicode Response on Meetei Mayek Lisa Moore 2013-07-25
L2/13-163 Gabonese and Ivorian Latin characters Denis Jacquerye 2013-07-25
L2/13-164 Feedback from Experts on Cyrillic proposals Ralph Cleminson, David Birnbaum 2013-07-26
L2/13-165 Recommendations to UTC on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2013-07-26
L2/13-166 Liaison Report from UC Berkeley (Script Encoding Initiative) Deborah Anderson 2013-07-26
L2/13-167 Proposal to Encode the Bhaiksuki Script (WG2 N4469) Anshuman Pandey, Dragomir Dimitrov 2013-07-26
L2/13-168 Comment on L2/13-130: Writing classical Tamil in Arabic script Naga Ganesan 2013-07-29
L2/13-169 Inconsistencies between “@missing” directives in UCD files Ken Whistler, Laurentiu Iancu 2013-07-29
L2/13-170 UTC Liaison Report from WG2 #61 Peter Constable 2013-07-29
L2/13-171 Comments on ISO 10646 fixed subset 288 Multilingual Latin Set Denis Jacquerye 2013-07-31
L2/13-172 Preliminary proposal to encode additional dialectology Latin characters Denis Jacquerye 2013-08-01
L2/13-173 UTR #50 discussion points from PRI #253 at UTC #136 Koji Ishii 2013-08-01
L2/13-174 Request to change the Unicode chart font for Tamil (WG2 N4476) Shriramana Sharma 2013-08-26
L2/13-175 Response to L2/13-161 on naming Tamil fractions and symbols (WG2 N4477) Shriramana Sharma 2013-08-26
L2/13-176 Request to change one character name from N4430 L2/13-047 (WG2 N4478) Shriramana Sharma 2013-08-27
L2/13-177 Extension E (WG2 N4459) source glyph error report Jaemin Chung, Ken Lunde 2013-08-26
L2/13-178 Proposal to encode five Arabic script characters for the Bravanese Hamid Banfunzi 2013-09-06
L2/13-179 Request to reallocate one character within the Grantha block (WG2 N4479) Shriramana Sharma 2013-09-06
L2/13-180 Proposal to add the currency sign for the Azerbaijani Manat (WG2 N4445; replaces L2/12-047) Karl Pentzlin 2013-09-06
L2/13-181 Precomposed Tilde Letters Cristian Bodor 2013-09-11
L2/13-182 Draft additional repertoire Amendment 1 to ISO/IEC 10646:2014 (4th edition) (WG2 N4482) Michel Suignard 2013-09-16
L2/13-183 Addressing process failure Mark Davis 2013-10-06
L2/13-184 LB Fix LB status for Floor/Ceiling characters (revised) Mark Davis 2013-11-05
L2/13-185 Address issue with decorated Latin characters Mark Davis 2013-10-06
L2/13-186 Documented fields in NamedAliases.txt Mark Davis 2013-10-06
L2/13-187 US/Unicode Activity Report for IRG 41 Ken Lunde 2013-10-17
L2/13-188 Proposal to Encode Chinese Characters Used for Transcribing Slavonic (replaces L2/13-009) Yuri Shardt, et al 2013-10-25
L2/13-189 Comments on N4407 Proposal to Encode Variants for Siddham Script (WG2 N4486) Andrew Glass 2013-10-25
L2/13-190 Proposal for the addition of Cherokee characters (WG2 N4487) Michael Everson, Durbin Feeling 2013-10-28
L2/13-191 Preliminary proposal to encode the Adlam script (WG2 N4488) SEI / Michael Everson 2013-10-28
L2/13-192 Continued National Standards Development & Horizontal Extensions Ken Lunde 2013-10-25
L2/13-193 Comment on Tamil Nadu Government Request L2/13-161, Use of Tamil Names for Tamil Fractions and Symbols Naga Ganesan 2013-10-25
L2/13-194 Revised Proposal to Encode the Bhaiksuki Script (WG2 N4489) Anshuman Pandey, Dragomir Dimitrov 2013-10-28
L2/13-195 Practical approach to encoding Siddham variants Anshuman Pandey 2013-10-28
L2/13-196 Request to add one Cuneiform character Michael Everson 2013-11-01
L2/13-197 Final proposal to encode the Marchen script in the SMP Andrew West 2013-10-28
L2/13-198 Revised Proposal to Encode the Mongolian Square Script Anshuman Pandey 2013-10-28
L2/13-199 UTC #137 Agenda Lisa Moore 2013-10-29
L2/13-200 UTC #137 Minutes Lisa Moore 2013-11-18
L2/13-201 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2013-07-25) Rick McGowan 2013-11-01
L2/13-202 Comments on Public Review Issues (July 30 - Oct 31, 2013) Rick McGowan 2013-11-01
L2/13-203 UTR #36 and UTS #39 Recommendations Mark Davis 2013-10-30
L2/13-204 Proposal to Encode Latin Letters for the Transliteration of Indic Vocalic Letters Anshuman Pandey 2013-10-30
L2/13-205 Proposed Update UTR #36, Unicode Security Considerations (rev 12; HTML version) Mark Davis 2013-11-01
L2/13-206 Proposed Update UTS #39, Unicode Security Mechanisms (rev 6; HTML version) Mark Davis 2013-11-01
L2/13-207 Which characters should have emoji-style by default? Mark Davis 2013-10-30
L2/13-208 Response to L2/13-195 on Siddham Shriramana Sharma 2013-11-01
L2/13-209 Liaison Report from UC Berkeley (Script Encoding Initiative) Deborah Anderson 2013-11-01
L2/13-210 Recommendations to UTC #137 November 2013 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2013-11-01
L2/13-211 Prevent line break between ‘/’ and Hebrew letter Peter Edberg 2013-11-01
L2/13-212 Expert Feedback on L2/13-140 SLAVONIC PARAGRAPHOS Deborah Anderson 2013-11-03
L2/13-213 Named Sequences of Latin Letters for the Transliteration of Indic Vocalic Letters N. Ganesan 2013-11-03
L2/13-214 Typographic Letter Spacing Character Classes Koji Ishii 2013-11-03
L2/13-215 Inventory of duplicate and absent "@missing" directives in the UCD files Ken Whistler, Laurențiu Iancu 2013-11-05
L2/13-216 Feedback from Tamil Experts on Tamil Character Names and Annotations of Symbols and Fractions N. Ganesan 2013-11-04
L2/13-217 Naming the Tamil fractions and symbols based on the Tamil Lexicon Shriramana Sharma 2013-11-04
L2/13-218 Declaration for removing the "Old Hungarian" block from DAM Jenő Demeczky, et al 2013-11-04
L2/13-219 Proposal for a Mechanism to Select from Multiple Malayalam C2-conjoining Forms Cibu Johny 2013-11-05
L2/13-220 Proposed Update UTS #46, (rev 10 ; HTML version) Mark Davis 2013-11-05
L2/13-221 Comments on the choice of STIX fonts for production of Unicode 7.0 character charts Roozbeh Pournader 2013-11-06
L2/13-222 Comments on revised PRI 250 document on Malayalam conjoining forms Shriramana Sharma 2013-11-06
L2/13-223 Proposal to encode four Arabic characters for Bravanese (revised; WG2 N4498) Roozbeh Pournader 2013-11-07
L2/13-224 Samples for usage of dandas in Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Tamil Roozbeh Pournader 2013-11-07
L2/13-225 Cedillas and commas below, take 2 Eric Muller 2013-11-07
L2/13-226 Arabic Amphibious Characters Thomas Milo 2013-11-26
L2/13-227 Proposal for the Addition of Indian Classical Music symbols Hardeep Singh Jawanda, et al 2013-11-26
L2/13-228 The Kannada "nakaara-pollu" Shriramana Sharma 2013-11-26
L2/13-229 Additional Information on the Eskaya Script of the Philippines (WG2 N4499) SEI / Anshuman Pandey 2013-11-26
L2/13-230 Introducing Latsam Khimhun's Script for Tangsa (WG2 N4497) SEI / Anshuman Pandey 2013-11-26
L2/13-231 Introducing Lakhum Mossang's Script for Tangsa (WG2 N4496) SEI / Anshuman Pandey 2013-11-26
L2/13-232 Request to change the Unicode chart font for Kannada Srinidhi 2013-12-04
L2/13-233 2013-11-22 Siddham Script (梵字) Meeting @ Tokyo, JAPAN, Earth Ken Lunde 2013-12-09
L2/13-234 IRG #41 liaison report Ken Lunde 2013-12-16
L2/13-235 Proposal to encode the RUBLE SIGN (WG2 N4512R2) Michael Everson 2013-02-04
L2/13-236 Proposal for change to UTS #46 Data Mark Davis 2013-12-16
L2/13-237 Precomposed punctuation proposal Kirill Larionov 2013-12-16
L2/13-238 Proposal to Encode a Slavonic Punctuation Mark in Unicode Aleksandr Andreev, et al 2013-12-16
L2/13-239 Catalan MIDDLEDOT and UAX #31 Joan Montané 2013-12-16
L2/13-240 Reconciling Script and Script_Extensions Mark Davis 2013-12-17
L2/13-241 Summary of Tangut meeting (Beijing, China) Deborah Anderson 2013-12-17
L2/13-242 Representation of Jihvamuliya and Upadhmaniya in Kannada Srinidhi 2013-12-23
L2/13-243 Proposal to Encode Ranjana Script Dev Dass Manandhar, et al 2013-12-31