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Last updated: January 2, 2003

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Doc. # Subject Source Date Project
L2/02-001 Complete document register for 2001 Arnold Winkler 2001-12-28 admin
L2/02-002 Variation Selector Semantics Mark Davis 2002-01-06 396-D
L2/02-003 Urdu Computing Standards: UZT (1) Hussain & Afzal 2002-01-10 396-D
L2/02-004 Urdu Computing Standards: UZT (2) Hussain & Afzal 2002-01-10 396-D
L2/02-005 Urdu Computing Standards (Charts) Hussain & Afzal 2002-01-10 396-D
L2/02-006 Towards Unicode Standard for Urdu Khaver Zia 2002-01-10 396-D
L2/02-007 NWI Proposal: C Language Datatypes German NB 2002-01-10 SC22
L2/02-008 String Ordering Weighting Roadmap Kent Karlsson 2002-01-11 WG20
L2/02-009 2nd Iranian Meeting Report (TITUS Project) Carl-Martin Bunz 2002-01-11 396-D
L2/02-010 UCA Hangul Problem Mark Davis 2002-01-11 396-D
L2/02-011 Comments on L2-006 (Urdu Computing) Jonathan Kew 2002-01-13 396-D
L2/02-012 ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000/Amd.1:2002 (E) WG2 2002-01-14 396-D
L2/02-013 EXPLANATORY REPORT ISO/IEC 10646-1: 2000/FDAM 1 WG2 2002-01-14 396-D
L2/02-014 Text for FDAM ballot (multiple files) WG2 2002-01-14 396-D
L2/02-015 L2 Letter Ballot for ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 Cathy Wissink 2002-01-14 396-D
L2/02-016 Character Properties for repetition marks Ken Whistler 2002-01-14 396-D
L2/02-017 Character Properties for avagrahas, etc. Ken Whistler 2002-01-14 396-D
L2/02-018 CJK Number Value Data Table Mark Davis 2002-01-14 396-D
L2/02-019 Registration of a Georgian Character Set G. Shervashidze 2002-01-15 396-D
L2/02-020 Stringprep Profile for Internationalized Host Names

[abridged] (Tables are separately posted HERE)

Paul Hoffman 2002-01-16 396-D
L2/02-021 Proposal to amend Arabic repertoire Kamal Mansour 2002-01-17 396-D
L2/02-022 CEN ENV 12005 Cultural registry report Keld Simonsen 2002-01-17 CEN TC304
L2/02-023 Draft response to comments on registration of European locales CEN TC304 2002-01-17 CEN TC304
L2/02-024 Summary of Voting on SC 22 N 3328, Letter Ballot on Withdrawal of Project JTC 1.22.15435 - APIs for Internationalization SC22 2002-01-17 1241-L
L2/02-025 Summary of Voting on SC 22 N3327, Letter Ballot on Future of SC 22/WG 20 SC22 2002-01-18 I18N
L2/02-026 Summary of Voting on SC 22 N 3326, Letter Ballot on Request to Include Annex A of ISO/IEC TR 10176 on the ITTF Website SC22 2002-01-18 473-L
L2/02-027 Summary of Voting on SC 22 N 3330, Letter Ballot on Revision of ISO/IEC TR 10176 SC22 2002-01-18 473-L
L2/02-028 UCD filename too long: DerivedNormalizationProperties.txt Markus Scherer 2002-01-21 396-D
L2/02-029 TLG: Measures Proposal TLG (D. Anderson) 2002-01-21 396-D
L2/02-030 TLG: Metrical Proposal TLG (D. Anderson) 2002-01-21 396-D
L2/02-031 TLG: Miscellanea Proposal TLG (D. Anderson) 2002-01-21 396-D
L2/02-032 TLG: Musical Proposal TLG (D. Anderson) 2002-01-21 396-D
L2/02-033 TLG: Background & detail information (208k, 26pp) TLG (D. Anderson) 2002-01-21 396-D
L2/02-034 Agenda for L2 meeting #187 (Feb 11-14, 2002)   Cathy Wissink 2002-01-22 admin
L2/02-035 Definition of Canonical Composite  Mark Davis 2002-01-23 396-D
L2/02-036 Cover letter for ECMA 335-1 (L2/02/037) Arnold Winkler  2002-01-23 ECMA
L2/02-037 Common Language Infrastructure, ECMA 335-1 (2.5MB, 462pp) Arnold Winkler  2002-01-23 ECMA
L2/02-038 Cover letter for ECMA 335-2 (L2/02/039) Arnold Winkler  2002-01-23 ECMA
L2/02-039 Common Language Infrastructure, ECMA 335-2 (240k) Arnold Winkler  2002-01-23 ECMA
L2/02-040 Cover letter for ECMA 334 (L2/02/041) Arnold Winkler  2002-01-23 ECMA
L2/02-041 C# Language Specification, ECMA 334 (2MB, 490pp) Arnold Winkler  2002-01-23 ECMA
L2/02-042 JEFF Specification (334k, 74pp) Arnold Winkler  2002-01-23 ECMA
L2/02-043  Default Grapheme Cluster Boundaries Mark Davis 2002-01-24 396-D
L2/02-044  Mapping of Compatibility Ideographs Whistler & Dürst 2002-01-25 396-D
L2/02-045  Rules for Default Grapheme Clustering Kent Karlsson 2002-01-28 396-D
L2/02-046  Case Folding and Special Casing Tweaks  Mark Davis 2002-01-28 396-D
L2/02-047  Default Word Boundary Definition (R3) Mark Davis 2002-01-29 396-D
L2/02-048  WG2 Meeting #42 Preliminary Agenda Michel Suignard 2002-01-30 396-D
L2/02-049  Common Language Infrastructure, ECMA TR/84. This is the cover sheet. The implementation is a 15MB Zip file containing a hierarchy of files. It may be obtained at JTC1 Web Site. Login "jtc1" and pw "newsite"; doc number J1N6695 in 3 parts. Arnold Winkler 2002-01-30 ECMA
L2/02-050  30 Day Review of ECMA Fast Track Ballot TR/84  Arnold Winkler  2002-01-30 ECMA
L2/02-051  Coptic Disunification  Rick McGowan 2002-02-03 396-D
L2/02-052  Proposal to add Ideographic Taboo Variation Indicator John Jenkins 2002-02-04 396-D
L2/02-053  Description of TLG Documents Deborah Anderson 2002-02-04 396-D
L2/02-054  Error in Canonical Mapping for U+F951 Ken Whistler 2002-02-04 396-D
L2/02-055  Revised proposal to encode the Limbu script Michael Everson 2002-02-06 396-D
L2/02-056  Proposal to add two Greek letters for Bactrian Michael Everson 2002-02-06 396-D
L2/02-057  L2/SD-2 - Action items from UTC #89 and L2 #186 Cathy Wissink 2002-02-06 396-D
L2/02-058 JTC1 Stabilized Standards Process Arnold Winkler 2002-02-06 396-D
L2/02-059 JTC1 Stabilized Standards Process - Cover Letter Arnold Winkler 2002-02-06 396-D
L2/02-060  (JTC1) Appendix A - List of Market Trial Standards Arnold Winkler 2002-02-06 396-D
L2/02-061 Bidi committee consensus on Arabic additions from L2/01-425 Jonathan Kew 2002-02-06 396-D
L2/02-062 Resolutions of the December 2001 Plenary of TC304 Arnold Winkler 2002-02-07 396-D
L2/02-063 Minutes of the 19th plenary of CEN/TC304 Arnold Winkler 2002-02-07 396-D
L2/02-064 TC304 Recommendation from the Project Team on the Population of the Cultural Register (N1002) Arnold Winkler 2002-02-07 396-D
L2/02-065 Draft US comments on L2/01-279 and TC304 N1002 Joan Aliprand 2002-02-07 396-D
L2/02-066 Transmittal of "Systematic Review of International Standards" to INCITS/L2 (includes 4 attachments)
List of International Standards
List of Recommendations
Question Form
Systematic Review
Deborah Donovan 2002-02-08 Admin
L2/02-067 In Regard to Moon (punctiform script) Jack Maartman 2002-02-08 396-D
L2/02-068 Agenda for UTC #90 & L2 #187 Lisa Moore 2002-02-10 Admin
L2/02-069 Motions for UTC #90 Lisa Moore 2002-02-10 Admin
L2/02-070 Minutes for UTC #90 Lisa Moore 2002-02-10 Admin
L2/02-071 Default Sentence Boundary Definition Mark Davis 2002-02-09 396-D
L2/02-072 Eject Symbol Deborah Goldsmith 2002-02-10 396-D
L2/02-073 Cambodian Thoughts Mark Davis 2002-02-10 396-D
L2/02-074 Unicode 3.2 (UTR #28) Ed Committee 2002-02-10 396-D
L2/02-075 Unicode Tech Notes - intro page  Mark Davis 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-076 Unicode Tech Notes - template page  Mark Davis 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-077 Unicode Technical Report #25 Update Asmus Freytag 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-078 East Asian Width discussion? Asmus Freytag 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-079 Proposed Draft Tech Report - UCD in XML Eric Mueller 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-080 Invisible Property (proposal) Deborah Goldsmith 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-081 Invisible Property (comments) Ken Whistler 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-082 UTR #18 Regular Expression Guidelines  Mark Davis 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-083 Response and Proposal for Khmer Encoding  Paul Nelson  2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-084 Unicode Patent Policy  Mark Davis 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-085 Characters and symbols used in user interfaces   Asmus Freytag 2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-086 Proposed addition to amendment 2 to ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 WG2 2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-087 Explicit Line Break Property Proposal  Kent Karlsson 2002-02-11 396-D
L2/02-088 CESU-8 Tech Report #26  Toby Phipps 2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-089 Proposal to add monogram, digram, and tetragram characters  Richard Cook 2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-090 US Comments on the development of ISO/IEC 15897 (Part 1)  Joan Aliprand  2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-091 US Comments on the development of ISO/IEC 15897 (Part 2)  Joan Aliprand  2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-092 Disposition of comments on SC2 N 3505, CD 2375.2  Michael Everson  2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-093 FCD for the revision of ISO/IEC 2375  Michael Everson 2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-094 Final Committee Draft ISO/IEC FCD 2375  Michael Everson  2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-095 Report on changes to DTR 14652  Keld Simonsen 2002-02-12 396-D
L2/02-096 Proposal to encode Khmer subscript characters  CHEA Sok Huor, et al 2002-02-13 396-D
L2/02-097 Proposal to deprecate Khmer characters  CHEA Sok Huor, et al 2002-02-13 396-D
L2/02-098 Proposal to add Srak Om and Srak Aam CHEA Sok Huor, et al 2002-02-13 396-D
L2/02-099 Proposal to add Krung voicing marks CHEA Sok Huor, et al 2002-02-13 396-D
L2/02-100 Proposal to add missing Khmer characters CHEA Sok Huor, et al 2002-02-13 396-D
L2/02-101 Proposal to add Khmer lunar dates  CHEA Sok Huor, et al 2002-02-13 396-D
L2/02-102 Notes on DPRK Proposal Asmus Freytag 2002-02-13 396-D
L2/02-103 Comments on L2/02-090R Ed Hart 2002-02-14 396-D
L2/02-104 Variation selectors 13.7 draft Mark Davis 2002-02-14 396-D
L2/02-105 US Comments on 10646-2 PDAM1 Michel Suignard 2002-02-15 396-D
L2/02-106 US Comments on 10646-1 PDAM2 Michel Suignard 2002-02-15 396-D
L2/02-107 Suggested L2 statement to J11 re C Unicode datatypes Whistler & Davis 2002-02-15 396-D
L2/02-108 Bengali encoding in ISO/IEC 10646 and BSD 1520 Michael Everson 2002-02-22
L2/02-109 Additional Hangul Character Decompositions Kent Karlsson 2002-02-26 396-D
L2/02-110 Recommended US Position on ISO/IEC FCD 2375 Edwin Hart 2002-03-01 13-M
L2/02-111 Error in Glyph for 0ABD Gujarati Sign Avagraha Umamaheswaran 2002-03-14 396-D
L2/02-112 Feedback on Tamil Symbols in PDFAM2-10646-1 Umamaheswaran 2002-03-14 396-D
L2/02-113 IRG Resolutions WG2 2002-03-14 396-D
L2/02-114 U.S. National Body Comments on N6721 Sandra O'Donnell 2002-03-21 1241-L
L2/02-115 N2423 Proposal "Error correction on unified ideographs..." WG2 - Japan - Sato 2002-03-25 396-D
L2/02-116 Reconsidering request: "Font supply guide for UCS..." WG2 - Japan - Sato 2002-03-25 396-D
L2/02-117 Additional Characters for Indic Scripts (WG2 form) Rick McGowan 2002-03- 25 396-D
L2/02-118 2nd call WG2 meeting #42 Mike Ksar 2002-03- 26 396-D
L2/02-119 DIS 23270 - C# Language Specification (large: 2.2MB) Cathy Wissink 2002-03- 27 396-D
L2/02-120 DIS 23271 - Common Language Infrastructure (large: 2.9MB) Cathy Wissink 2002-03- 27 396-D
L2/02-121 N2426 - Proposal to add 1 Hanja code (10646-1:2000) Mike Ksar 2002-03- 27 396-D
L2/02-122 N2427 - Proposal to add 1 Hanja code (10646-2:2001) Mike Ksar 2002-03- 27 396-D
L2/02-123 References to Unicode in C# - DIS 23270 Cathy Wissink 2002-03- 27 396-D
L2/02-124 References to Unicode in CLI - DIS 23271 Cathy Wissink 2002-03- 27 396-D
L2/02-125 Letter Ballot 02-002 (DIS 23270, 23271, 23272) Cathy Wissink 2002-03- 27 396-D
L2/02-126 Variation Sequence Problem Mark Davis 2002-03- 28 396-D
L2/02-127 Machine-Readable StandardizedVariants.txt Mark Davis 2002-03- 28 396-D
L2/02-128 Coalescing UCD Docs Mark Davis 2002-03- 28 396-D
L2/02-129 L2/02-127 "Machine-Readable StandardizedVariants.txt" Ken Whistler 2002-03- 28 396-D
L2/02-130 US Comments on FPDAM 1 to ISO/IEC 14651 Mark Davis 2002-03- 29 396-D
L2/02-131 On the suitability of the COENG encoding model for Khmer Michael Everson 2002-03-31 396-D
L2/02-132 Proposal to add six Syriac letters for Sogdian and Persian Michael Everson 2002-03-30 396-D
L2/02-133 Proposal: Use full plane-13 for the Han variation selector Sato & Kobayashi 2002-04-0 1 396-D
L2/02-134 Keyboards, Fonts, and the Unicode Standard (490k) Robert Simpson 2002-04-0 1 396-D
L2/02-135 Comments from Limbu experts on n2339 Sato, et al 2002-04-0 9 396-D
L2/02-136 Comments on the "Proposal to encode Limbu in the UCS" T. B. Nembang, et al 2002-04-0 9 396-D
L2/02-137 Limbu Examples Kumar Limbu 2002-04-0 9 396-D
L2/02-138 E-mail accompanying L2/02-134 (Simpson, Unicode Issues) Robert Simpson 2002-04-0 1 396-D
L2/02-139 Re: L2/02-134 (Simpson, Unicode Issues) John Cowan 2002-04-10 396-D
L2/02-140 Rules for ISO/IEC JTC 1 Workshop Mode of Operation Matthew Deane 2002-04-10 Admin
L2/02-141 Uralic Phonetic Alphabet characters for the UCS Michael Everson 2002-04-10 396-D
L2/02-142 Guidelines for preparation of programming language standards WG20 2002-04-16 396-D
L2/02-143 Liaison report from ISO TC46/SC4/WG1 Randall K. Barry 2002-04-16 396-D
L2/02-144 Letter Ballot 02-003 (ISO/IEC FCD 2375) Cathy Wissink 2002-04-10 396-D
L2/02-145 Letter Ballot 02-001 (ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000) Cathy Wissink 2002-01-14 396-D
L2/02-146 Agenda for NCITS L2 #188 Cathy Wissink 2002-04-20 396-D
L2/02-147 Agenda for UTC #91 & L2 #188 Lisa Moore 2002-04-29 396-D
L2/02-148 General Category for Combining Grapheme Joiner Mark Davis 2002-04-20 396-D
L2/02-149 Draft Technical Report on Conformance Testing Mark Davis 2002-04-22 396-D
L2/02-150 Status of Mapping between Characters of ISO 5426-2 and ISO/IEC 10646-1 Joan Aliprand 2002-04-24 396-D
L2/02-151 Comparison of Characters of ISO 6861 and Those Proposed in ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2/N1931 Joan Aliprand 2002-04-24 396-D
L2/02-152 Status of Mapping between Characters of ISO 8957 – Table 2 and ISO/IEC 10646-1 Joan Aliprand 2002-04-24 396-D
L2/02-153 Status of Mapping between Characters of ISO 10574 and ISO/IEC 10646-1 Joan Aliprand 2002-04-24 396-D
L2/02-154 Draft minutes of WG 2 meeting 41 (Singapore) V. S. Umamaheswaran 2002-04-24 396-D
L2/02-155 Proposal to add 1 Hanja code of D P R of Korea into ISO/IEC
WG2 / DPRK 2002-04-24 396-D
L2/02-156 Proposal to add 1 Hanja code of D P R of Korea into ISO/IEC
WG2 / DPRK 2002-04-24 396-D
L2/02-157 Status in Myanmar on n2033 Sato 2002-04-24 396-D
L2/02-158 WG2 - Pre-Meeting M42 Action Items List V. S. Umamaheswaran 2002-04-24 396-D
L2/02-159 Minutes from the NCITS/L2 meeting # 187 Cathy Wissink 2002-04-29 396-D
L2/02-160 Status Report on Aegean Script Proposal Deborah Anderson 2002-04-29 396-D
L2/02-161 Progress Report on L2/02-21 (amend Arabic repertoire) Kamal  Mansour 2002-04-29 396-D
L2/02-162 Recommendation to change name of INCITS/L2 Edwin Hart 2002-04-29 Admin
L2/02-163 Proposal to add Marks and Digits (for Urdu) WG2 / Pakistan 2002-04-29 396-D
L2/02-164 Modifications for Thai in PDUTR #29 Mark Davis 2002-04-29 396-D
L2/02-165 A Unicode Conformance Model Ken Whistler 2002-04-29 396-D
L2/02-166 UTC #91 Minutes Lisa Moore 2002-08-27 396-D
L2/02-167 UTC #91 Motions Lisa Moore 2002-06-13 396-D
L2/02-168 UTC #91 Action Items Lisa Moore 2002-06-27 396-D
L2/02-169 Proposal to Modify the Encoding of Deseret Ken Beesley 2002-04-30 396-D
L2/02-170 Administrative Aspects of ISO/IEC 15897 Joan Aliprand, et al 2002-04-29 396-D
L2/02-171 UTR #6 SCSU (new draft) Asmus Freytag 2001-11-09 396-D
L2/02-172 PDUTR #23 Properties Asmus Freytag 2002-04-30 396-D
L2/02-173 Collation DUTR #10 Davis/Whistler 2002-04-30 396-D
L2/02-174 Math DUTR #25 Beeton/Freytag/Sargent 2002-04-30 396-D
L2/02-175 PDUTR #29 Text Boundaries Mark Davis 2002-04-30 396-D
L2/02-176 E-mail Response to L2/02-148 Ken Whistler 2002-04-30 396-D
L2/02-177 Issues related to L2/02-143 Liaison report from TC46 Asmus Freytag 2002-04-30 396-D
L2/02-178 Terminology for Types of Codepoints Mark Davis 2002-04-30 396-D
L2/02-179 Summary of Voting/Table of Replies – 10646-1/Amd 2 –
WG2 2002-04-30 396-D
L2/02-180 Summary of Voting/Table of Replies – 10646-2/Amd 1 –
WG2 2002-04-30 396-D
L2/02-181 Late Irish vote – 10646-1/Amd 2 WG2 2002-04-30 396-D
L2/02-182 Late Irish vote – 10646-2/Amd 1 WG2 2002-04-30 396-D
L2/02-183 Late German vote – 10646-1/Amd 2 WG2 2002-04-30 396-D
L2/02-184 Late German vote – 10646-2/Amd 1 WG2 2002-04-30 396-D
L2/02-185 E-mail from Paul Nelson re Sogdian Issues Paul Nelson 2002-05-01 396-D
L2/02-186 PDUTR - Character Foldings (draft 0d6) Asmus Freytag 2002-05-01 396-D
L2/02-187 INFITT Liaison Report Michael Kaplan 2002-05-01 396-D
L2/02-188 Liaison Report from CEN TC304 Erkki Kolehmainen 2002-05-01 396-D
L2/02-189 Documents for the Discussion of Bibliographic Character Sets Cathy Wissink 2002-05-02 396-D
L2/02-190 Glagolitic Character Set (cover sheet) Cathy Wissink 2002-05-02 396-D
L2/02-191 Aegean Script Proposal (notes) Deborah Anderson 2002-05-02 396-D
L2/02-192 Everson's Reply on UPA Michael Everson 2002-05-02 396-D
L2/02-193 Proposal to add Negative Circled Digit Zero Eric Muller 2002-05-02 396-D
L2/02-194 Bidi Recommendations Mark Davis 2002-05-02 396-D
L2/02-195 Defect in Compatibility Mappings Asmus Freytag 2002-05-03 396-D
L2/02-196 On the Unsuitability of Coeng Model for Khmer Harada/Cambodia NB 2002-05-03 396-D
L2/02-197 Urdu Feedback from Bidi Committee Asmus Freytag 2002-05-03 396-D
L2/02-198 Report from CLAUI, December 2001 Y Neuville 2002-05-10 396-D
L2/02-199 Clarification to WG2 N3568R, M41.13 resolution in Singapore James Seng 2002-05- 10 396-D
L2/02-200 IRG #19 Resolutions IRG 2002-05-10 396-D
L2/02-201 Error Correction IRG 2002-05-10 396-D
L2/02-202 UTC #90 Action Items (posted late) Lisa Moore 2002-05-10 396-D
L2/02-203 Proposal to Encode Kharoshthi in Plane 1 of 10646 (Revised) Andrew Glass, et al 2002-05-10 396-D
L2/02-204 Additional Double Diacritics L2 2002-05-13 396-D
L2/02-205 Coptic supplementation in the BMP Everson & Mansour 2002-05-13 396-D
L2/02-206 3rd Call WG2 Meeting # 42, in Dublin, Mike Ksar 2002-05-13 396-D
L2/02-207 Request for changes in Aegean Scripts Anderson & McGowan 2002-05-13 396-D
L2/02-208 SC2/WG2 partial document register (N2190 – N2448) Mike Ksar 2002-05-13 396-D
L2/02-209 WG2 Mailing List – pre-meeting 42 – Dublin – May 2002 Mike Ksar 2002-05-13 396-D
L2/02-210 Removal of two Variant Sequences L2 2002-05-13 396-D
L2/02-211 Cambodian stance regarding Khmer code table in Unicode 3.2 Cambodia 2002-05-14 396-D
L2/02-212 Discussion of Liaison Report from ISO/TC46/SC4/WG1 Joan Aliprand 2002-05-14 396-D
L2/02-213 Summary of mappings of ISO/TC46 character set standards Joan Aliprand 2002-05-14 396-D
L2/02-214 Proposal for dealing with unmapped characters from ISO TC46/SC4 character sets Randall K. Barry 2002-05-20 396-D
L2/02-215 Status in Nepal on n2055 T. K. Sato 2002-05-20 396-D
L2/02-216 Proposal: Additional guideline in the WG2 Principles and Procedures (N2467) T. K. Sato / Japan 2002-05-20 396-D
L2/02-217 Concerns on the VARIATION SELECTORS in ISO/IEC 10646-2, PDAM-1 (N2468) Japan 2002-05-20 396-D
L2/02-218 Proposal to Add Two Deseret Alphabet Letters (N2473) UTC 2002-05-20 396-D
L2/02-219 Proposal to Add IDEOGRAPHIC TABOO VARIATION INDICATOR (N2475) UTC 2002-05-20 396-D
L2/02-220 W3C Liaison Report Martin Duerst 2002-05-20 396-D
L2/02-221 Proposal to add Ideographic Description Characters (IDC) Richard S. Cook 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-222 Administrative Aspects of ISO/IEC15897 Aliprand, et al 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-223 SC2/WG2 Partial document register Mike Ksar 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-224 Updated Agenda Meeting # 42, in Dublin, Ireland Mike Ksar 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-225 Proposed Important Synchronization of ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode for UTF-32 Zhoucai, Seng 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-226 Letter Ballot: reconfirmation of ISO 3275:1974 Cathy Wissink 2002-06-10 396-D
L2/02-227 Proposal to add 16 Arabic characters US 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-228 Questionable Terms: Canonical Form and UTF-16 Zhang Zhoucai 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-229 Disposition of comments on SC2 N 3584 Michel Suignard 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-230 Proposed Disposition of comments on SC2 N 3585 Michel Suignard 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-231 Character Code Charts for FPDAM 2 to ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 Asmus Freytag 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-232 Proposal to add 122 compatibility Hanja code table of DPRK Sato, et al 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-233 Report and Recommendations of the CLAUI TD SC35 2002-05-23 396-D
L2/02-234 IRG Rapporteur’s Report to WG2 # 42 in Dublin Zhang Zhoucai 2002-05-27 396-D
L2/02-235 Clarification of relations between UCS-4 and different transformation formats China, Singapore, US 2002-05-27 396-D
L2/02-236 New canonical decomposition & composition processes for Hangeul Kyongsok Kim 2002-05-30 396-D
L2/02-237 Greek: Haralambous Proposals Nick Nicholas 2002-06-12 396-D
L2/02-238 WG20 resolutions, Tübingen meeting WG20 2002-06-19  
L2/02-239 ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 resolutions Tromsø meeting 2002-06-10/12 WG20 2002-06-19  
L2/02-240 Minutes - Tromsø ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC22/WG20 Meeting #22 - Internationalization WG20 2002-06-19  
L2/02-241 Summary of Voting on 90-Day Letter Ballot: ISO/IEC DTR 14652 - Functionality for Internationalization Specification Method for Cultural Conventions JTC1 Secretariat 2002-06-19 1244-L
L2/02-242 Problems with the current CTT of ISO/IEC 14651 re Hangeul Kyongsok Kim 2002-06-19 1307-L
L2/02-243 Summary of paper by K. Kim (L2/02-244) Kyongsok Kim 2002-06-19 1307-L
L2/02-244 New canonical decomposition & composition processes for Hangeul (better scan / modification of L2/02-236) Kyongsok Kim 2002-06-19 1307-L
L2/02-245 Summary of Voting on SC 2 N 3592: FCD 2375 SC2 Secretariat 2002-06-20  396-D
L2/02-246 JTC 1/SC 22 Secretariat Report Matthew Deane 2002-07-02  396-D
L2/02-247 JTC 1/SC 22 Programme of Work Matthew Deane 2002-07-02  396-D
L2/02-248 Contribution of WG20 to the 2002 CLAUI coord. meeting WG20 2002-06-19  
L2/02-249 Proposal for the Taxonomy of CEN/TC304 - ICT- European Localization Requirements Keld Simonsen 2002-06-19  
L2/02-250 Cultural Diversity Market Study, draft final report Makx Dekker 2002-06-19  
L2/02-251 WG20 Meeting Summary Ken Whistler 2002-06-19  
L2/02-252 UTC #92 Agenda Lisa Moore 2002-06-19 396-D
L2/02-253 UTC #92 Minutes Lisa Moore 2002-10-18 396-D
L2/02-254 UTC #92 Motions Lisa Moore 2002-10-18 396-D
L2/02-255 UTC #92 Action Items Lisa Moore 2002-10-18 396-D
L2/02-256 Business plan & convenor’s report: WG20 Internationalization Arnold Winkler 2002-07-02 396-D
L2/02-257 Letter Ballot: re-affirmation of X3.4:1986 (7-bit ASCII) Cathy Wissink 2002-07-02 12-M
L2/02-258 Updated Action Item List for UTC / L2 (SD2) Cathy Wissink 2002-07-07  
L2/02-259 ISO/IEC TR 14652 - Specification method for cultural conventions WG20 2002-07-07 396-D
L2/02-260 Note accompanying L2/02-259 (TR 14652) Keld Simonsen 2002-07-07 396-D
L2/02-261 Draft US Comments on 2002-July-03, draft Disposition of Comments and draft FDIS Text for the Revision of ISO/IEC 2375 Hart & Aliprand 2002-07-11 396-D
L2/02-262 Proposal to add another conformance clause to UTS #6 Markus  Scherer 2002-07-12 396-D
L2/02-263 L2 annual report Cathy Wissink 2002-08-22 396-D
L2/02-264 L2 Letter Ballot 6, support for SC22/WG20 nomination Cathy Wissink 2002-07-15 admin
L2/02-265 SC35 Support on CLAUI TD coordination principles SC35 2002-07-15 396-D
L2/02-266 Disposition of comments on CD of 15897 WG20 2002-07-15 1244-L
L2/02-267 Property file changes for UCD 3.2.1 (PDF version here) Mark Davis 2002-07-25 396-D
L2/02-268 TDIL Newsletter January 2002, extracted pages 26-37 Govt of India 2002-07-19 396-D
L2/02-269 US Comments on 2002-July-03, draft Disposition of Comments and draft FDIS Text for the Revision of ISO/IEC 2375 Hart & Aliprand 2002-07-23 396-D
L2/02-270 Character Properties (Re: L2/02-267R) Ken Whistler 2002-07-26 396-D
L2/02-271 Disposition of comments of ballot results on FPDAM-1 to ISO/IEC 14651:2001 WG20 2002-07-26 1307-L
L2/02-272 Final draft amendment 1 of ISO/IEC 14651:2001 WG20 2002-07-26 1307-L
L2/02-273 TLG Unicode Proposal (Ancient Greek Ext) large: 5MB, 250pp Maria Pantelia / TLG 2002-07-31 396-D
L2/02-274 Proposal for extensions to the Arabic block Jonathan Kew 2002-08-02 396-D
L2/02-275 Proposal for Koranic alternate marks Jonathan Kew 2002-08-02 396-D
L2/02-276 Resolutions taken at the 14th BT/TCMG Meeting CEN Tech Board 2002-08-02 396-D
L2/02-277 Proposal to add a few dashes Eric Muller 2002-08-08 396-D
L2/02-278 Proposal to add a VERTICAL LINE EXTENSION character Eric Muller 2002-08-08 396-D
L2/02-279 Yes, SOFT HYPHEN is a hard problem Eric Muller 2002-08-14 396-D
L2/02-280 UCA4.0 Proposal Mark Davis 2002-08-06 396-D
L2/02-281 Letters of support for encoding Egyptian Hieroglyphics Snell, et al 2002-08-07 396-D
L2/02-282 Working Draft ISO/IEC 10646:2003 WG2 2002-08-07 396-D
L2/02-283 Myanmar Script Canonical Ordering Martin Hosken 2002-08-08 396-D
L2/02-284 Implementing Kinzi Martin Hosken 2002-08-08 396-D
L2/02-285 Comments on JTC1 N6791 - SC35 Support on CLAUI TD coordination principle L2 2002-08-08 396-D
L2/02-286 Ligature encoding question William Overington 2002-08-08 396-D
L2/02-287 Proposal Summary Form accompanying TLG Unicode Proposal (L2/02-273) Maria Pantelia / TLG 2002-08-09 396-D
L2/02-288 Status report on proposal encode Egyptian Hieroglyphs Michael Everson 2002-08-13 396-D
L2/02-289 Canonical Equivalence in Applications Markus Scherer 2002-08-18 396-D
L2/02-290 Letters of support for encoding Egyptian Hieroglyphics (2) Hornung, et al 2002-08-18 396-D
L2/02-291 WG2 Report from Dublin Ken Whistler 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-292 Early look at WG2 consent docket Ken Whistler 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-293 Minutes for the INCITS/L2 Meeting #188 Cathy Wissink 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-294 Updated Action Items (pre UTC #92) Cathy Wissink 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-295 Letter of support for Egyptian Federico Rocchi 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-296 10646 Part 2 Amendment 1(multi-part document) WG2 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-297 Procedures for Stabilized Standards Deborah Donovan 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-298 Guidelines for the prep of programming language standards (4th) SC22 2002-08-20  
L2/02-299 Text of DTR 10176, Guidelines for... (4th) SC22 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-300 10646 Part 1 Amendment 2 (multi-part document) WG2 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-301 WG2 Proposal on Future of CLAUI TD WG2 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-302 Application for Registration No. 231, American National Standard Extended Latin Alphabet Coded Character Set for Bibliographic Use (ANSEL) USA N.B. / JTC1 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-303 Proposal to accommodate French & Italian elision rules in UTR 29 Cimarosti 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-304 Miscellaneous comments on UTR #29 Mark Davis 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-305 Assessing Unicode Support (zip file content here) Mark Davis 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-306 Resolutions of WG2 meeting 42 WG2 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-307 Letter of support for Egyptian John Baines 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-308 Hanguel related portion of CTT in ISO/IEC 14651 Kyongsok Kim 2002-08-20 396-D
L2/02-309 A brief report on the evaluation of Unicode standards for Tamil Michael Kaplan 2002-08-21 396-D
L2/02-310 INFITT Liaison Report Michael Kaplan 2002-08-21 396-D
L2/02-311 Unicode Technical Report #29, Version 2 Mark Davis 2002-08-21 396-D
L2/02-312 TLG - Additional Greek editorial & punctuation characters Maria Pantelia / TLG 2002-08-21 396-D
L2/02-313 TLG - Archaic Greek Letter San Maria Pantelia / TLG 2002-08-21 396-D
L2/02-314 TLG - Greek Capital Lunate Sigma Maria Pantelia / TLG 2002-08-21 396-D
L2/02-315 TLG - Greek metrical characters Maria Pantelia / TLG 2002-08-21 396-D
L2/02-316 TLG - Ancient Greek musical notation characters Maria Pantelia / TLG 2002-08-21 396-D
L2/02-317 TLG - New Testament editorial characters Maria Pantelia / TLG 2002-08-21 396-D
L2/02-318 TLG - Additional Greek numerical characters Maria Pantelia / TLG 2002-08-21 396-D
L2/02-319 Agenda for L2 Meeting #189 Cathy Wissink 2002-08-22 396-D
L2/02-320 CLAUI Resolution text Mike Ksar 2002-08-22 396-D
L2/02-321 Area codes and groupings: the need for a standard approach John Clews 2002-08-22 396-D
L2/02-322 New Work Item Proposal for a Technical Report type-3 on Survey of existing icons and symbols for elderly and disabled persons SC35/WG6 2002-08-22 396-D
L2/02-323 Ballot results on New Work Item ... elderly and disabled persons (L2/02-322) SC35/WG6 2002-08-22 396-D
L2/02-324 List of SC2 standards for 2003 periodical review SC2 2002-08-22 396-D
L2/02-325 First Draft Agenda for the 12th Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2 to be held in Tokyo, Japan, 2002-12-12/13 SC2 2002-08-22 396-D
L2/02-326 JTC 1 Stabilized Standard Process (JTC 1 N 6604) JTC 1 2002-08-23 396-D
L2/02-327 Unicode 3.0, Section 9.1 Devanagari - block intro with proposed changes by Govt of India and Unicode 4.0 modifications Eric Muller 2002-08-30 396-D
L2/02-328 Resolutions Prepared at the Fifteenth Plenary Meeting of
SC22 2002-09-10 396-D
L2/02-329 1st Call WG2 Meeting # 43, in Tokyo, Japan WG2 2002-09-10 396-D
L2/02-330 Enquiry to SC22 Regarding Recommendations for Locale
Specification for Internationalization and Localization
SC36 2002-09-10 396-D
L2/02-331 JTC 1 TAG Ad Hoc on Futures Recommendation for Consolidation and Transition of the JTC 1 TAG into a New Organization Ron SiIletti 2002-09-10 396-D
L2/02-332 Programming for Cultural Diversity in ICT systems (CDICT) Clews & Hjulstad 2002-09-17 396-D
L2/02-333 Swedish comments on SC2N 3616 Sweden 2002-09-17 396-D
L2/02-334 2003 ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 Busan Meeting KATS 2002-09-24 396-D
L2/02-335 Letter from SC 22 Chairman to Potential Host for the Next SC 22/WG Matthew Deane 2002-09-24 396-D
L2/02-336 ISO/IEC International Standard Working Draft International Standard 10646 3rd Edition (draft of Sept 20, 2002) WG2 2002-09-24 396-D
L2/02-337 Terminology Used in Internationalization in the IETF Paul Hoffman 2002-09-24 396-D
L2/02-338 SC2 Business Plan SC2 Secretariat 2002-10-04 396-D
L2/02-339 SC 22 Recommendation on Cultural and Linguistic Adaptability and User Interface (CLAUI) Technical Direction SC22 Secretariat 2002-10-04 396-D
L2/02-340 SC35 Support on CLAUI TD coordination principles SC35 Secretariat 2002-10-04 396-D
L2/02-341 Registration of American National Standard Extended Latin Alphabet Coded Character Set for Bibliographic Use (ANSEL) NISO 2002-10-04 396-D
L2/02-342 Draft Chapters 1-4 of The Unicode Standard, Version 4.0 UTC Ed Committee 2002-10-04 396-D
L2/02-343 Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.1 (PDF version here) W3C / John Cowan 2002-10-16 396-D
L2/02-344 UTC #93 Agenda Lisa Moore 2002-10-25 396-D
L2/02-345 UTC #93 Minutes Lisa Moore 2002-01-08 396-D
L2/02-346 UTC #93 Motions Lisa Moore 2003-01-10 396-D
L2/02-347 UTC #93 Action Items Lisa Moore 2003-01-10 396-D
L2/02-348 Draft of Proposal to add Latin characters required by Latinized Taiwanese Holo language to ISO/IEC 10646 WG2 2002-10-22 396-D
L2/02-349 Em-dash comments (from web reporting form) Donald Figge 2002-10-23 396-D
L2/02-350 Dashes Mark Davis 2002-10-23 396-D
L2/02-351 Notice of Preliminary Agenda (WG20 Meeting #23, Korea) Arnold Winkler 2002-10-23 396-D
L2/02-352 Dashes Patrick Andries 2002-10-23 396-D
L2/02-353 Dashes Ken Whistler 2002-10-23 396-D
L2/02-354 Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) Martin Duerst 2002-10-25 396-D
L2/02-355 XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Functions and Operators W3C 2002-10-25 396-D
L2/02-356 Updated Action Items (pre UTC# 93) Cathy Wissink 2002-10-25 396-D
L2/02-357 Dashes Eric Muller 2002-10-25 396-D
L2/02-358 Internationalized String Matching Rules for X.500 Kurt D. Zeilenga 2002-10-25 396-D
L2/02-359 Unihan Database Errata Ken Lunde 2002-10-25 396-D
L2/02-360 Property file changes (remainder after August meeting) Mark Davis 2002-10-25 396-D
L2/02-361 Double Combining Stroke (also see GIF file) Mark Davis 2002-10-25 396-D
L2/02-362 Comments on DUTR#29 for UTC#93 Michael Kaplan 2002-10-28 396-D
L2/02-363 Response to using ZWJ and ZWNJ to control ligatures Aldahleh & Nelson 2002-10-28 396-D
L2/02-364 Proposal to add combining double ring below Glass, et al 2002-10-28 396-D
L2/02-365 Loose Name Matching Mark Davis 2002-10-29 396-D
L2/02-366 TLG - Proposal to encode two letterlike symbols Maria Pantelia / TLG 2002-10-30 396-D
L2/02-367 Double Combining Breve Below, Double Combining Macron Peter Constable 2002-10-30 396-D
L2/02-368 Default Ignorable Issues (HTML version here) Davis & Whistler 2002-10-30 396-D
L2/02-369 Feedback on Unicode 4.0, chapters 1-4 Cathy Wissink, et al 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-370 Minutes for INCITS/L2 meeting # 189 Cathy Wissink 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-371 Proposal to add a Vertical Line Extension character to 10646 Eric Muller 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-372 Unconfirmed minutes of WG 2 meeting 42 Mike Ksar 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-373 Action items from WG2 meeting 42 Mike Ksar 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-374 WG 2 Proposal for Merging ISO/IEC 10646 Parts 1 & 2 into One Part WG2 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-375 Request for public review of reclassification of Hyphens Asmus Freytag 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-376 Fifteenth Plenary Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22, Finland SC22 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-377 Resolutions, 15th Plenary Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 SC22 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-378 Letter Ballot on the Appointment of Mr. Ken Whistler as Convenor of SC 22/WG 20 SC22 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-379 Contribution to the Coded Character Sets Workshop, 26 August 2002, Finland Frank Farance 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-380 SC 22/WG 4 Convenor Contribution to the Coded Character Sets Workshop, 26 August 2002, Finland A. Bennett 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-381 Contribution to the SC22 ad-hoc meeting on characters UTC 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-382 Results of 2002 Systematic Review for ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2 Standards SC22 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-383 SC 2 Contribution on the Future of CLAUI TD SC2 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-384 Comments on Unicode 4.0 draft chapters S. Martin O'Donnell 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-385 L2 Action items from UTC #92 and L2 #189 Cathy Wissink 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-386 Preliminary agenda for INCITS/L2 meeting # 190 Cathy Wissink 2002-10-31 396-D
L2/02-387 Proposal for Encoding Syloti Nagri Script in the BMP Peter Constable, et al 2002-11-01 396-D
L2/02-388 Documentation in support of proposal for encoding Syloti Nagri Peter Constable, et al 2002-11-01 396-D
L2/02-389 CJK compatibility problems Ken Lunde 2002-11-01 396-D
L2/02-390 Unihan.txt Errata for Vietnamese Ken Lunde 2002-11-01 396-D
L2/02-391 Markus comments on TUS4 ch 1, 2, 3, and 4 Markus Scherer 2002-11-05 396-D
L2/02-392 TR29 Feedback Mark Davis 2002-11-02 396-D
L2/02-393 Conformance Boilerplate Mark Davis 2002-11-02 396-D
L2/02-394 Proposal for Encoding Devanagari Glottal Stop Peter Constable, et al 2002-11-02 396-D
L2/02-395 PUA mappings from HKSCS to Unicode Eric Muller 2002-11-02 396-D
L2/02-396 In defense of Plane 14 language tags Doug Ewell 2002-11-02 396-D
L2/02-397 Note for the UTC on the encoding of Brahmi in Unicode Stefan Baums 2002-11-03 396-D
L2/02-398 Proposal to support the full UCS-4 repertoire by extending UTF-16 Verdy P 2002-11-03 396-D
L2/02-399 On the Proposal to Deprecate the Plane 14 Language Tags W.Overington 2002-11-03 396-D
L2/02-400 Assessing Unicode Support (draft 4) Mark Davis 2002-11-03 396-D
L2/02-401 Suggested revisions to TUS 4.0 draft regarding Encoding Schemes Peter Constable 2002-11-05 396-D
L2/02-402 Comments on some proposals for revision of Devanagari Peri Bhaskararao 2002-12-20 396-D
L2/02-403 Support for the G1 character sets used in Videotex and Teletext Verdy P 2002-11-06 396-D
L2/02-404 Report on the discussion of TC46 character additions (N2446) Randall Barry 2002-11-06 396-D
L2/02-405 Shaping behaviour of six Syriac letters for Sogdian and Persian Michael Everson 2002-11-06 396-D
L2/02-406 Resolutions Adopted at the 17th Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1, 21-25 October 2002 in Sophia Antipolis, France JTC 1 Secretariat 2002-11-06 396-D
L2/02-407 Default Property Values TUS 4.0 draft 2002-11-06 396-D
L2/02-408 Comments accompanying the US negative vote on the FPDAM2 to ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 Michel Suignard 2002-11-07 396-D
L2/02-409 Comments accompanying the US positive vote on the FPDAM1 to ISO/IEC 10646-2:2001 Michel Suignard 2002-11-07 396-D
L2/02-410 Recommendation for US Ballot and Comments on ISO/IEC FDIS 2375 Hart & Aliprand 2002-11-07 396-D
L2/02-411 Alphanumeric Characters ... 12 key Telephone Keypad Bruno von Niman 2002-11-08 396-D
L2/02-412 UAX #14 Proposed Draft Update, UTC Review Draft Asmus Freytag 2002-11-08 396-D
L2/02-413 Recommendation to earmark Plane 3 in the Roadmap Everson, et al 2002-11-11 396-D
L2/02-414 Letter Ballot 7, ISO/IEC 14651:2001/FDAM1 Cathy Wissink 2002-11-12 396-D
L2/02-415 Proposal to add 3 hanja codes to 10646-1:2000 DPRK 2002-11-13 396-D
L2/02-416 Proposal to add 2 hanja codes to 10646-2:2001 DPRK 2002-11-13 396-D
L2/02-417 ISO/IEC CD2 15897:2002(E) - Procedures for registration of cultural elements SC22 2002-11-14 396-D
L2/02-418 ISO/IEC 14651:2001 FDAM1 - International string ordering and comparison WG20 2002-11-14 396-D
L2/02-419 Summary of Voting on ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2 N 3624, ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000/FPDAM 2 WG2 2002-11-15 396-D
L2/02-420 Summary of Voting on ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2 N 3625, ISO/IEC 10646-2:2001/FPDAM 1 WG2 2002-11-15 396-D
L2/02-421 Proposal to encode one Latin letter in the UCS Michael Everson 2002-11-20 396-D
L2/02-422 Revised proposal for encoding the Ol Chiki script in the UCS Michael Everson 2002-11-20 396-D
L2/02-423 Proposal to encode 6 HKSCS characters Hong Kong 2002-11-20 396-D
L2/02-424 Supplementary Information to Accompany L2/02-203R2, Proposal to Encode Kharoshthi Rick McGowan 2002-11-20 396-D
L2/02-425 On Oriya VA and WA Michael Everson 2002-11-21 396-D
L2/02-426 Note on soft hyphens in 10646/Unicode Kent Karlsson 2002-11-26 396-D
L2/02-427 Additional Character Data Types in the Programming Language C WG14 2002-11-26 396-D
L2/02-428 SC2/WG2 partial document register (starting with N2190 – N2535) WG2 2002-11-26 396-D
L2/02-429 Canadian Comments on merging 10646-1&-2 Canada 2002-11-26 396-D
L2/02-430 Netherlands comments on merging 10646-1&-2 Netherlands 2002-11-26 396-D
L2/02-431 Republic of Korea comments on merging 10646-1&-2 Rep. Korea 2002-11-26 396-D
L2/02-432 Clarification to Resolution M42.13 on Hanja Compatibility James Seng 2002-11-26 396-D
L2/02-433 IRG Meeting 20 Resolutions IRG 2002-11-26 396-D
L2/02-434 Report on first stroke/stroke count by ad hoc group IRG 2002-11-26 396-D
L2/02-435 Attachment to N2533 – StrokeC FirstS IRG 2002-11-26 396-D
L2/02-436 IRG Radical Classification IRG 2002-11-26 396-D
L2/02-437 Ideograph Unification IRG 2002-11-26 396-D
L2/02-438 Programming for cultural diversity in ICT systems, final report WG20 2002-12-02 396-D
L2/02-439 Encoded Taboo & Their Appearances in SiKuQuanShu IRG 2002-12-02 396-D
L2/02-440 Constraints on Character Names for Loose Matching US Natl Body 2002-12-02 396-D
L2/02-441 Report to WG2 on Creating an Ideographic Subset Within 10646 IRG 2002-12-02 396-D
L2/02-442 IRG Rapporteur's Report to WG2 #43 & SC2 #12 in Tokyo Zhang Zhoucai 2002-12-02 396-D
L2/02-443 Protest against efforts to encode the 'Ol Chiki' script Raska & Mirandi 2002-12-02 396-D
L2/02-444 Answer to L2/02-426, SC2/WG2 N2531 Eric Muller 2002-12-03 396-D
L2/02-445 Report and Recommendations of CLAUI TD coordination meeting SC35 2002-12-04 396-D
L2/02-446 Summary of Voting for JTC 1 N 6815: DTR 10176, Guidelines for the Preparation of Programming Language Standards JTC1 2002-12-04 396-D
L2/02-447 Request for Documentation to Increase Societal and Cultural Awareness JTC1 2002-12-04 396-D
L2/02-448 Revised proposal for encoding the Glagolitic script Everson & Cleminson 2002-12-04 396-D
L2/02-449 Revised proposal to encode the Avestan and Pahlavi script Everson 2002-12-04 396-D
L2/02-450 Avestan, supplementary background material from 3rd Iranian Unicode Conference, November 2002 Titus Project 2002-12-04 396-D
L2/02-451 W3C Liaison Report to WG2 Martin Duerst 2002-12-06 396-D
L2/02-452 Proposal to encode additional Cyrillic characters for Siberian Yupik Brase & Constable 2002-12-06 396-D
L2/02-453 Response to Raska & Mirandi (L2/02-443) Deborah Anderson 2002-12-06 396-D
L2/02-454 Report on IRG #20 John Jenkins 2002-12-09 396-D
L2/02-455 Proposal on Tibetan BrdaRten Characters Encoding China 2002-12-10 396-D
L2/02-456 Comments on Ol Chiki/Summary of Report from West Bengal Deborah Anderson 2002-12-11 396-D
L2/02-457 BALLOT to decide the correction for five canonical mapping errors Lisa Moore 2002-12-12 396-D
L2/02-458 SC2/WG2 partial document register (starting with N2190 - N2577) WG2 2002-12-18 396-D
L2/02-459 Correspondence between Project editor of 8859-7 and SC 2 Secretariat regarding FCD 8859-7 SC2 2002-12-18 396-D
L2/02-460 CEN/ISSS CDSG Draft Business Plan CEN/ISSS 2002-12-16 396-D
L2/02-461 (withdrawn)      
L2/02-462 CJK Compatibility Ideograph source reference fixes WG2 2002-12-17 396-D
L2/02-463 3-way cross-reference tables - KS X 1001, KPS 9566, and UCS Kyongsok Kim 2002-12-17 396-D
L2/02-464 Postal Code Mark Kyongsok Kim 2002-12-17 396-D
L2/02-465 Review of DPRK Compatibility Ideographs Collins & Freytag 2002-12-17 396-D
L2/02-466 Towards resolution on the name of U+FDFD Everson & Pournader 2002-12-18 396-D
L2/02-467 Consensus on the name of U+FDFD Eveson, et al 2002-12-18 396-D
L2/02-468 Proposed disposition of comments on SC2 N 3624 (FPDAM text for Amendment 2 to ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000) Michel Suignard 2002-12-18 396-D
L2/02-469 Proposed Disposition of comments on SC2 N 3625 (FPDAM text for Amendment 1 to ISO/IEC 10646-2:2001) Michel Suignard 2002-12-18 396-D
L2/02-470 Ancient Ideographs Encoding - Working Procedure Zhang Zhoucai 2002-12-18 396-D
L2/02-471 CJK Compatibility Ideographs (Unicode 3.2, page 399) UTC 2002-12-18 396-D
L2/02-472 Report of DPRK compatibility characters ad hoc meeting DPRK ad hoc 2002-12-18 396-D
L2/02-473 Result of balloting on FDIS 2375 SC2 2002-12-18 396-D
L2/02-474 Final charts for ISO/IEC 10646-1 Amendment 2 Asmus Freytag 2002-12-18 396-D


End of document